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Forced Sex Ed


I found this interesting that New York City passed a class forcing sex-ed.

Their example? California.
Their study? Paid for by Planned Parenthood.

Anyway, here is comments on it from Bill Donohue:

Read the whole thing here: http://catholicleague.org/release.php?id=2206


Ultimately it should always be the parents' choice. I personally think we should be more open about sex as a society, and it's noted that societies that are more open about sex have lower rates of teen pregnancy and STD's. I personally think that "abstinence-only" is a load of shit.

Ultimately, however, I'm not going to tell another person how to raise their kids. Aside from preventing abuse or neglect, child-rearing is not government's proper place.


In what way is US society NOT open about sex? Is it that we have not reached that one 13 year old boy who still doesn't know the proper technique for applying a condom? Do you guys not own television sets? Kids get more that enough "openness" about sex from society at large without our government forcing ideologies down their throats at gunpoint.


Lol...what? That's why STD and pregnancy rates in Africa go up when they implement "education" and hand out condoms?


I think, and I may be COMPLETELY wrong here, that he meant in terms of parents talking to and educating children. We are a very sexually charged society, sex is everywhere, but not talked about in the home (generalization of course).


I'm sure this will fix the poor scholastic performance and forced teacher layoffs that both States are facing. Maybe they can top it off by adopting CA's 'gay friendly curriculum' too.


Here is the full NY Times article if anyone is interested.


First, I agree with you that society is over-sexualized. I think there is a lot that, I personally, find inappropriate. That said, there is a LOT that society is closed about. Personally, I had "sex education" in my private, religious school. Basically, it was split up between our freshman health class and sophomore biology class. Truth told, my parents never game me "the talk."

When I was older and doing some work in a public, inner-city high school, I was helping out with a "advanced" English class. In the class, the word "erection" was used in the book, and several girls came up to me to ask what it meant. I thought they were trying to "be funny" as I was new, so I sent them to the teacher. Turns out, they had no idea. These girls LITERALLY had friends their age who had babies. I asked the teacher about their lack of knowledge given their situations and she said that while they are supposed to cover sexuality in middle school, like other subjects the level of education is exceptionally low. According to her, these girls were extremely unlikely to have a proper understanding of sexual matters, despite many of their friends being sexually active (although, according to the teacher, probably not them).

So, IMO, information should be made more available. And, IMO, by high school kids should have basic, factual information freely available. I understand people's concerns that it might be "going to far." IMO, it should be a part of health and biology classes, as it was for me. I know the unit about contraception failure rates made a huge influence on my decisions as a young man.


"lol...what?" indeed. "In Africa" you say? You aren't talking about a specific country, but the entire continent now? Perchance do you have that study on hand?


What a cess pool. Every adult in that degenerate city should be ashamed of themselves. They've destroyed their children through neglect, and a general disregard for common decency. And now, because of it, they feel the need to 'mandate' condom demonstrations to students who'd probably have a hard time reading the handouts. But don't worry, they recently reinforced the exclusive and privileged image of marriage. Though, I'm a bit surprised at the honesty of this mostly coming to be with blacks and latinos in mind. I suppose if it means they'll get condoms out of the deal, race is fair game.


As I said further, it's not happen stance in just Africa, but the normal occurrence after introduction. But, I will find when I get home. I'm on a bus for the moment.