Forced layoff

My doctor put me on Lipitor for high cholesterol. He checked my liver enzymes & found my CPK triple what it should be. He knows I lift as heavy as I can & that pumping iron causes a real spike in my CPK. So, in order to determine whether it is the Lipitor or the workouts that are causing my high CPK, I’m not allowed any exertion more stressful than walking for the next 2 weeks. I know that doesn’t sound like long, but I know what he’s going to do to me next: he’s going to put me on Lipitor for 4 weeks & forbid me to workout. The very thought of it is killing me.

Part of my reason for posting is just to grieve, but I’d also like to know what I can do to preserve my LBM over 6+ weeks of enforced R&R. I’d appreciate any suggestions you may have.

Thanks in advance.

Lipitor and the other statin drugs do plenty of other negative things and should probably be avoided. I have yet to see a person taking these drugs who hasn’t suffered some degree of muscle loss, along with the “shakes”, due to depletion of coenzyme q10. Also, it’s doubtful you could screw up your liver enzymes that much by exercise alone. If you were taking the drug for high cholesterol alone, without any other risk factors, it’s been proven that high cholesterol by itself means nothing.


Can’t put any advice on your screen, but I can offer my empathy and hope things turn around for you.

Take care,


If money isn’t an issue, pick up some Methoxy-7. I bought a couple of bottles to use during my layoff, but I honestly got so depressed that I didn’t open them. Try to stay sharp mentally. Best of luck.

You should probably just tell him to stick his Lipitor where the sun don’t shine, start doing endurance cardio (40min), and cut out all animal/trans/saturated fats from your diet. If you’re eating white meat, no dairy, and if you’re doing enough cardio, your cholesterol should naturally drop to normal limits.

I know a few people who have lowered their cholesterol this way.