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Forced into PCT Due to Injury

Hey fellas , new here , have been on Test-E: Inject 1/2 cc twice a week and 3 tabs of T-Bol everyday for 3 weeks now , I just recently sustained a shoulder injury , so I figured I would continue out and just work legs well , my knee is banged up my calf is inflamed (injury’s due to an indoor football league)
Its been about a week and a half since my last injection , should I just go strait to the the Clomid or Novladex liquid solution?
Any advice here will be helpful thank in advance.


How far into the cycle are you ?

I would drop the tbol but not the test.

It might be a bad plan to drop the test if you cant workout at all, the test will keep your from losing muscle while you try to rehab.

And going into PCT right now, combined with no working out could cause some fairly significant muscle loss as you will be running with low test while trying to restart HPTA.

How long do you think it will take to rehab your shoulder or your knee ?

It all depends on how long you have been on cycle, how long you intended to run the cycle, and how long it will take you to rehab one or both parts.

We need a little more info.

I’d need more details.
Is your test-e 250 mg/ml? How long do you think it will take you to recover from your injuries? How much muscle do you stand to lose if you can’t lift weights until you recover, and you’re not on cycle?

1/2 cc twice a week. Recovery time at least a month or 2

I would come off if this is your first cycle or one of the first cycles - as you are not yet above your natty ‘limit’.

The reason is this: When you are a beginner to AAS you wont have made amazing gains in 3 weeks of a cycle. It isnt worth the further suppression to stay on and rehab if this is the case. Sacrifice the 5lbs of water and 2lbs of tissue you have gained, and get healthy again.

Come off, PCT, recover and rehab. Then get fit again - and try again.

If however you are a hulking mammoth, massively muscular (i doubt it somehow with 1/2cc Test and 3 tbol tablets - how much is that anyway FFS?) and waaay above your natural limit, you would be better staying on, preserving your well earned muscle mass and going into rehab, then blasting once you recover from the injury.

Which are you - as if we dont know… :wink:

1/2 cc ==> what is concentration? Without that info we cannot tell how much you are using!!

3 tabs dbol ===> same thing - How many mg/tab???

It’s like pulling teeth these days. It just doesn’t end.