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Forced Doctor Switch in Canada - Advice Needed

So I started TRT back In April 2019 and have been super happy with the early results.

The Doc, who is was ultimately pretty good in terms of blood work / dosage / AI (or lack thereof) / etc, has decided to “retire” from hormone therapy.

This leaves me in the unenviable position of having to find a new doc. Being in Canada my options are limited. I’d like nothing more than to go with Defy, but I’m not clear at all on how bringing Testosterone back across the border would work.

As a matter of interest my protocol (after some discussion with the doc) is 100mg a week of test-e, split 14mg ED with no AI.

Does anyone have advice?

I’m one of those that does remarkable well on a daily protocol. I see no reason why you couldn’t bring back a prescription from a doctor having the diagnosis of low testosterone.

Finding a new doctor is more than likely going to be another headache, he/she will probably try to prove you do not need it or some other nonsense like you shouldn’t be injecting daily.

@systemlord - Totally agree. I’m sort of thinking that I just find another pay to play “anti-aging clinic” and cough up the pound of flesh / $xxxx and keep moving forward.

Is he not referring you to someone to continue your care? There’s no shortage of doctors in Canada (unless you’re way up North somewhere). Usually they have somebody to send you to that will just continue whatever you have going on.

@hardartery - Nope. I specifically asked that question when speaking with his receptionist. Apparently his “patient load is too large to make that feasible”. Makes me think this is likely for the best. If he has too many patients to take the time to make a simple referral I can only imagine what would happen when / if my situation got complicated.

That’s pretty low class. It’s not difficult and is standard practice.