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Force-Velocity Relationship in Muscle Contractions

I have to do a literature review on a topic involving neurophysiology. So I chose to pick one about the force-velocity relationship of muscle contractions. The relationship shows that as muscle velocity increases, muscle force decreases.

I was wondering if anybody has any research articles that show the opposite: That as velocity increases muscle force increases as well.

I have searched to no avail. I appreciate any help.

Da da daaaaa, clearly you don’t know the force-velocity relationship very well and this lit review is appropriate.

Muscle force within muscle INCREASES with increased eccentric lengthening velocity, but there is more for you to look into there.

I would also suggest that in terms of neurophysiology you try to encompass recruitment patterns of the concentric/isometric/eccentric contractions rather than just describing the F-V relationship. Just sticking to the F-V relationship is more about viscoelastic properties of muscle (and structural issues), rather than something that is truly neurophysiology.

For a pure neurophys topic, why don’t you do Hennemann’s size principle with application to resistance training.