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Force/Velocity Relationship And Tempo


Ok, bear with me guys, I don't know if this will make sense or not. Did you ever have one of tose moments when you were thinking about stuff as you were going to sleep, and something occurs to you so you write down and hope it makes sense in the morning.... well this was one of those times.

According to the force/velocity relationship muscles can exert more force concentrically at slow speeds and more force eccentrically at faster speeds.

If hypertrophy is related to amount of tension generated in the muscle, then wouldn't it be most effective to use a tempo that reflects this (fast eccentric slow concentric)?

Problem: Since you can handle more weight eccentrically than concentrically, using normal free-weight exercises, the eccentric portion would be under-loaded.

Solution: Weight releasers or chains/bands with at fast eccentric phase followed by a slow concentric phase.

Slow what do you think. Fast overloaded eccentrics with slow concentrics for hypertrophy?


The reason you are producing more force at slower speeds is because you are lifting a max weight. Not when you are lifting a submaximal weight slowly. You are right about the eccentric. Only the bands produce a faster eccentric, and the purpose of that is the increased kinetic energy stored in the tendon. The weight releasers act to overload the eccentric. The chains are used to accomodate leverages as the joint angles increase. I have been doing homework for far too long tonight and I have now lost my damn concentration. So does this help at all? Let me know if I do not make sense.