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Force Feeding


Ever since I started bulking I've been eating a lot and even when I'm already full when I know I need more nutrition. The problem is on days when I'm resting and not eating as much every couple hours or so that I don't eat my stomach gets a huge freaking cramping and sometimes it's really bad and I need to eat to satisfy it. And sometimes my stomach hurts in a different way probably from always having something in my stomach.

Am I doing anything wrong? I know these cramps are from force feed bulking because it's happened before.


Eating on days off when resting is just as important as eating on a day when your training.

I dont know what the story is with your cramps tho


How long have you been bulking?

While stomach cramps happen to everyone sometimes, if its a chronic thing you need to make some adjustments before it causes some damage. Chronic stomach cramps is technically a sign of IBS, but since you've been bulking and don't have a history I doubt thats your problem.

Do you eat enough fiber? Make sure you at least get 30 grams per day (some ppl suggest 40-50). Also, it could be an effect from eating too much of one type of food. If you eat eggs 6 times per day or diary with every meal I'd say to lighten up on it.


I don't know about cramps, but I do get bloated from all the force feeding.


This may be right, I eat a lot of peanut butter and milk. Thanks.