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Force Factor Nitric Oxide (Oops)


after rubbin one out I normaly like to refresh my internet browser to the home page. this special morning i read in the corner "new secret to building muscle" normally i just clean myself up after my ejaculation. but this time i checked out the link. in the link its talking about the usage of increasing nitric oxide before your workouts, I heard about this before and continued my reading and clicked on one more link that said if i give my credit card information to pay for shipping i get a free 15 day trial and better workouts yadda yadda yadda. Wicked.

Just read T-Nation review on "nitric oxide supplements" and how they dont do sweet f--k all...

well the package got in today, read the label. take 2 pills before breakfast, and 2 before lunch, and drink 64ounces of water per day for best results.... so wtf product did my $5 shipping pay for?? Any wise ones know of force factor ??



Your $5 shipping paid for the inevitable identify theft you're about to fall victim to. Good luck, the next few months of your life could get pretty horrible.

At least you'll have a sweet pump...


Your identity isn't going to be stolen... This is a scam, my roommate bought the same product. What you do is pay the shipping with your credit card, and you didn't read the fine print where they describe they will bill you for 3 months worth of this in a couple weeks. You need to contact this company, and cancel this automated charge before it happens. The product's quality is unknown, but probably not good based on the quality of the labeling my roommate received.


Please die before you get a chance to contaminate the gene pool with your worthless seed.

6/10. I mad.


Definitely a auto-re-bill type deal. This is so prevalent that I wouldn't even call it a scam - everybody should know how these things work!


or just only have sex with rongurls roomate


Bro don't worry about some fucking internet review. Take twice the dose for mad gains. You've read the label, its going to get you jacked!


on the side of the box is a recipt, "thank you for trying your free sample of force factor, and thank you for joining our monthly shipping plan, only $70 per month for another bottle of force factor, if you do not wish to recieve this, you have 14 days to cancel!" called em up got this dude rory to cancel the impending $70 future shit, he did offer to lower the price by like 65% ..... sorry but fuck you rory.

im on my last week of taking HOT-ROX, took the force factor pills before goin to the gym and was sweating like a race horse, I swear half of ethiopia could have been hydrated for a week after i completed a couple set's.

other then sweating my balls off, the product did everything it said i would feel if anyone cares that i report back send me a pic of your hot sister and i will let you know, in the meen time...........f--K you rory!



On one if BC says "Cheers".