Forbidden Fruit

I just finished reading Cy Wilson’s article on fruit consumption. Who here has raised their fruit consumption to 5 or more servings a day and has not flattened out because of it? I love fruit, especially oranges, but have kept the consumption to about 2 servings a day because of my fear of fructose.

Jimmy, I’m a fruit lover, too. Yeah, Cy’s article was great!
What sucks is that abstracts depticing the horrors of fruit
keep popping up every day! Case in point: In the last
issue of Muscle Mag, John Parrillo ran a short piece stating
that even small quantities fruit can destroy a fat loss
program. He exclaims that - immediately upon being consumed,
the fructose from the fruit gets shuttled to the liver where it is
instantaneously converted into short-chain triglycerides. (NOT
GOOD!) At this point, I don’t know what to believe! I thought that
the liver allows for the daily consumption of about 50 grams of
fructose without any fat conversion…?! (What’s up with that?)

Are Parrillo's assertions justified, or is he just another extremist, or worse yet a "fruit-nazi?!"

Most of my past contests have been around the time when either mangoes or melons are in season. And I can eat ALOT of either. And it doesn’t affect my cutting phase. Never has. As a matter of fact, I always thought it was helping.

I guess from my upbringing (as a child, fruit was eaten quite a bit and more stressed, not sugary candies or candy bars) - I have a healthy appetite for fruits and vegies. As a matter of fact, the same goes for Ko.

This article surprises me. Very much so.

I love fruit!Apple,orange,plum,peach :slight_smile: