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I was reading some articles at work and came across this, thought it was funny and maybe some of you would too.

Example Cheating Movement:

For instance, a bench press is a cheating exercise where you use about six muscles. Plant your feet on the floor; arch your back and immediately you are using the terrous major. You also put your thumbs around the bar (which should never be done, you should always use a palm grip) and immediately you use the forearms.

Now you're using your back and your forearms. Once you arch your back and get your feet in a planted position, primarily the exercise is inner deltoid. When you do this, you are using your biceps and triceps. So you're using roughly six muscles to so-call lift the weight, never really developing any muscle, never shaping or sculpting it.

You should never put your thumb around the bar. When you do, in any exercise, you will bring your forearm into play. For instance, if you're working your biceps, half of the exercise will be forearm and the other half biceps. That's why people say to me, "Every time I do curls, I feel it in my forearm."

That's right because you are wrapping your thumb around the bar. You should be wrapping your thumb under the bar which is called a palm grip or a false grip.
Of course, if you do want to be a weightlifter, you have to realize that sooner or later you are going to injure every joint, muscle, ligament, and tendon in your body. All for the sake of saying, "I'm a power lifter and I can lift 400 pounds." It's not going to get you anything except a lot of pain and it will only get worse as you age.

With most power lifters, diet is thrown to the wind because they eat anything and everything. Technically, the more you weigh the more you can lift. You will have to ask yourself if that's how you want to look or do you want to look like a bodybuilder. This is the ultimate decision that you're going to have to make.



Just out of curiousity, where did you find that? I suppose I'll have to stop "cheating" myself and stick to much better chest movements like the pec deck...


That sounds like Vince Gironda, who was obviously not a fan of the bench press for chest development.


Yes, you will get huge with the pec deck, the bench press works way to many muscles.(Riight) The guy that wrote this is obviously one of the most ignorant people ive ever seen. I cant believe something like this was ever put on a website. bodybuilding.com by the way


Thats some funny shit. My favorite line:

I guess I should quit benching by this logic.


Since when is working your muscles cheating?

I don't know how this douchebag benches but I really lift the weight. There is no "so-called" about it.

How the hell do you sculpt muscle? Plastic surgery?


I'm pretty much a newbie and it still sounds like BS to me. Also - using open grip because otherwise it's always the forearms doing the work... Right


The other thing that is funny is that this is part I, this guy actually plans on writing a part II. I can see it now, "Curling Is The New Squat"


More from this article:

"The reason that Vince Gironda called the squat a sissy squat is because he would make sissies out of weightlifters when they would come in and do squats. Weightlifting squats are not basically a leg exercise. Certainly, you get big thighs but you ruin the proportion between your thighs, your hips, abdomen and lower back.

As Vince had said, weightlifting squats do many things that you don't want your body to be accustomed to like increase the size of your stomach because you push it out, widen your lower back and get a big rear-end. Vince said he could tell an eastern bodybuilder when he came into his gym by the size of his rear-end."

AHAHAHAHHA oh no, not a big rear end!!!!!


This guys joking... right? RIGHT?

For the love of god, tell me your just trolling or being subtly sarcastic?

If your trying to be funny, I want you to know I'm lmao!

If your serious, I want you to know I'm lmao!


Posted before I read the top... I'm retarded :D.


Well yes a lot of that is utter crap BUT I do like and use the thumbless/false grip for most of all my rowing, chins, etc. It has really helped in me isolating the back more as I tend to naturally use more arm for these.

So hey while most of it is BS it seems to ring true here as well (IMO) that damn near everything has something we can add to the tool box. Sissy squats as well, but not at the sake of losing real squats.


He's right. I tried to deadlift tonight without putting my thumb around the bar. I didn't feel it in my forearms at all!!!

Of course, I couldn't get 225 off the floor.


I do use a thumbless grip for my pressing movements, but it has nothing to do with not wanting to use my forearms. It's because I can't keep my elbows tucked when I wrap my thumb around the bar.


I actually feel it a lot in my forearms and upper arms when I deadlift and do chin-ups. I think I need to try using a false grip.


The article is so outlandish I think the writer has to be 'taking the piss'. It's probably written by a powerlifter making fun of the articles you read in BB mags.


Thanks for the laugh ! ! !


But if you really want to laugh your big ass off, you should do a google for "Example Cheating Movement"


I'll go out on a limb here by saying that this guy must be stupid And weak.

While making these assumptions, I may as well add Brokeback Extrordinaire.

That was a funny read.


Who in the hell told you powerlifters don't eat healthy? I eat alot and I also eat the healthy foods. If you balance your calories out and figure out what foods to eat at what time of the day you will go alot further in the sport of powerlifting!

Check out Gary Franks diet and listen to the article about his nutritionist and how it helped him reach his 2801 total. I eat bad foods and I eat good foods and take protien supplements too. I weigh 235lbs and I am at 12% bodyfat. Everyone knows that if you can master a good healthy diet it will help in your recovery time and in your strength.

Anyone who is strenght training or bodybuilding takes joint supplements too.I have been doing it for 20 years now and I feel no joint pain.Don't sterotype powerlifters they are not all the same.