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For You Computer Geniuses...

H opefully one of you guys can help me. I have a folder that I kind of had hidden away that had all my porn (fiance dont like it lol)

Anyway, i had it set up so it would be locked unless i hit CTL+Shift+P then it would ask my password, unlock it, then i would be in business. all of a sudden, i cant find the program i used to do that, and when i hit those 3 keys, nothing happens and the folder has COMPLETELY locked me out. any ideas??

LOL, porn stash discoverafied.

I’m guessing that whatever lame program you have it just set the folder attributes to ‘hidden’ in windows?

Do you remember the folder path?

My Computer -> Tools -> Folder Options -> View Tab -> Hidden Files and Folders -> Show Hidden Files and Folders.

Go and look for the folder again.

T-Nation Tech Support
(If its a question about you porn we can help),

I have no idea but I bet you could find out in under 10 mins by looking on google.

Your finance is a hacker dude. She’s holding off busting you so she can watch you squirm.

The real question is why do you have it on your computer? There’s tons of wonderful streaming stuff online, and most browsers have “private” setting now.

A quick google hints at a program called “My Lockbox” - does that ring any bells?

Link to download http://www.fspro.net/folder-lock-box/

I think maybe it was not as hidden as you think. I quick search in the computer for *.jpg or *.avi or *.mpg would show her where your porn was. It could show you too.

Unless it was well encrypted. Then your fucked cause the generation of keys(kind of like locks) would not be the same if you reinstalled the program.

Good luck in hunting down your porn.

Ha it’s funny if his fiance was actually looking for the porn and deleted the program because she couldn’t access it!

My girlfriend knows where to find my porn, with good intentions.

If you remember the name of the program, then try re-install it.