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?? For you ART practitioners. Need serious help

Ok I made this long Post about how ART is awesome a while back. I had tendonitis in my left knee, had surgery but still had some pain. I recently started going to ART. After the first appt, the pain was gone. I was so happy. I thought everything was back to normal, but the pain came abck like the next day. Ok so I go again, he says stretch it out as much as possible afterwards. I do what he says, they Take all the knots out, it hurts like hell. I stretch like hell. I actually give it a test drive on the b-ball court. Pain comes back again after playing ball for a couple of hours. WTF, ok so I go a 3rd time (125 first visit, 70 each after that), once again the pain is gone afterwards which tells me that they are addressing the problem, but a day and a half later the pain comes back again. Gawd Dammit. Ok I go today, this time they have 2 doctors working on me, with one doctor using both of his arms to get more pressure in there. It feels like nor mal afterwards. He tells me to stretch as much as possible for a minute each time. I do this but right after my first stretch when I get home, I touch the tendon and I feel a little pain. WTF gives man. I have a follow up with my doc who performed the surgery in 2 weeks and I’m sad to say it but it looks like I’m gonna have to give up on college b-ball if it don’t get better b/c it’s impossible to play well with this kind of pain. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Tendonitis just tends to be like that man! I had it in both knees for an eternity and every time I started to feel good I’d give the knees a little test and it would flare right back up. I can tell you the only way it will heal is if you lay off anything and everything that normally causes a flare up (such as jumping for a rebound on the basketball court etc.) until it’s 100% healed. What worked for me was lots of prolonged lower intensity activity (renegade jump rope) doing 4-6 3 minute rounds per day 5 days per week with no high intensity activity to stress the area. After 3 weeks the tendonitis was gone and hasn’t come back. This seemed to bring a lot of blood into the area to promote healing but not enough stress to aggravate the symptoms. There are many other good therapies as well…certain enzymes (Wobenzyme), heat, ICE, DMSO and self massage can all help. I am also curious if you still have lots of pain whenever you’re legs are good and warmed up?


I had some ART for my back about a year ago. My injury was chronic pain from years of competitive volleyball, which eventually turned into some acute pain. Through ART, I really gained a great understanding of why I was injured. The therapist who worked on my told me we would need several weeks of visits, I think we did 6-8 sessions, before I could start playing volleyball again. After two sessions, I felt great, so I tried to play, I re-injured myself, and I was back to square one. I believe that you have to let ART loosen up the adhesions and do its magic, and then plan a layoff and let things heal. After that, you should start playing again, but take it slow. This is probably the best way to give yourself a chance of having a long playing career. It’s a sacrifice in the short term, but it will pay off long-term. If you’re impatient and you keep trying to push it, you’ll never heal and you’ll always be performing with pain and at a suboptimal level. On the other hand, I can’t say for sure how my experiences relate to yours, since it seems like ART for my problem must be different from ART for knee tendonitis.

Also, this is kind’ve Renegade thinking and I don’t know if it’s even possible but if it were me I’d figure out what in the hell your ART practitioners are doing on your knee exactly that makes it feel so good and either figure out how to do it myself or teach someone else how to do it on me without having to pay $70 a pop.

Sounds to me like you aren’t giving it time to heal…my own experiences agree with Kelly’s in that tendonitis (have had it in my elbow off and on from years of baseball abuse) just doesn’t subside unless you lay off all activities that spark it for a LONG time. Not a few days…maybe a matter of weeks, or even months, is more like it. Good luck.

ART is not some magic bullet that will heal you right away! It is good at loosening up tight areas and releiving the stress from scar tissue etc. However, the tissue needs to heal itself. Healing still takes a lot of time, even with ART.

If you do not give it time to heal, it will never get better. You got this condition from years of over use, it is not goin to go away overnight, or with ART. Until you come to this realization, you are never going to get better, and you can kiss your basketball career goodbye.

Well, I think Friday will be my last visit. A college student like me simply cannot afford to keep throwing 70 bucks away 2 times a week. I know all 5 of you folks are preaching not coming back to sooon but that’s the thing. I’ve rested long enough. It’s been almost 4 months since the last time I balled, b4 that I rested 2 months recovering from surgery. The ART doc said I should give it a try and see what happens so I did that but the other 3 times, I didn’t do anything after therapy.

I’m with ya Ko, day after day it looks less and less like I’m going to play basketball again. Oh well, that’s just how the ball bounces, some people are lucky not to ever get hurt, unfortunately, I’m not.

Kelly, I might give that a try, but I have a hard time believing that’s the problem, my doc cleaned the tissue out and when I do ART, the pain is gone, I think it’s just some kind of fukked up muscle alignment that they have to keep setting back in place. I’m gonna start running on the nautilus cardio machine though, ya know, the one that works your whole body.

Bro, take this advice: find a doctor who does prolotherapy!! This is the only way to completely heal ligaments and tendons. I have had it done on my shoulder and other joints and it is the real deal I promise you. When you are done with it, your joint will be even stronger than it was before injury, no joke! Good luck

Juity, if you’ve still got pain you haven’t rested long enough. Long enough is when there hasn’t been ANY pain for several weeks. This is several weeks after your ART treatment, not several weeks after you first experienced pain and took a lay-off. Tendons take time, man. That’s just the way it is.

About the cost…did you have them check to see if your insurance covers ART? Mine covers most of mine. I am not sure if this helps, because I know some college kids have issues with crappy insurance coverage.

You crack me up. You actually expect years of abuse to disappear in 4 monthes. Now you are ready to give up the game you love because you won’t give it the one thing that it needs which is time. I had knee surgery, and I did not do any heavy lifting for almost a year. It also took me almost 1 1/2 years before I could kick with any power (I’m a martial artist). It has now been 3 years, and I am stronger than before the surgery. I gave it TIME. That is what you need to do. GET IT?

You answered your own question when you said “Pain comes back again after playing ball for a couple of hours” the day after your second treatment. When I was doing my ART treatment, my doctor told me I had to stop lifting for a few weeks, (just get a rubber cable and use that, plus stretch) and when I started lifting again, I was told to not push myself for several weeks. These guys are not magicians, you have to give your body time to heal, and when you do come back, you don’t just start off with a couple of hours of hoops. Your doctor should have told you to take it easy, and ease into things slowly. You can’t rush through recuperation, your body doesn’t care what “your” timeline is.

Man, I wish I heard this before I spend $275 bucks on ART. Everyone here said ART healed them after like 1 or 2 visits and ART is the answer. While I think he addressed the prob (since after every visit, I felt no pain), the pain just keeps coming on back, and actually, my practitioner told be to play on it to see how it felt. I did that twice and both times I was sore. Also the reason why my timeline is so short is b/c I’m running out of time. Basically if nothing happens this spring/summer for basketball, I’m gonna give it up b/c I’m putting my college/academic career on hold for basketball. It’s been on hold for 2 years and I just have to move on with my life, that’s why. I got so many people I know playing college basketball who I know that I’m better than and that kills me inside just seein ghtem on TV.

Anyway. Kelly I’m gonna take your advice and just run on the machine at the gym. My practitioner told me to do the same and whenever I do this, the pain is gone right after I’m done. 30 minutes a day along with Ice and some Ibuprofen should do the trick. I see my doc in 2 weeks and we’ll take it from there. Just one question. Is your tendonitis gone or does it come back every now and then.

P.s. Littleman, tell me a little about Prolotherapy, I may look into it. Once again, thanks ya’ll for the advice.

My tendonitis is gone but every once in a while if i try to do something stupid without warming up I might feel the very slight beginnings of the pain in the tendon that feels oh so familiar. As long as I warm up properly I would never even notice it.