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For Willie, training for 200m

Willie, Can you give me some advice on how you train for the 200m? How do you periodize, what do you focus on from month to month leading up to a meet? I’ve been training for the 100m but I want to go longer, thanks.

Willie, or anyone, can ya help me out?

Man, that could take forever but here is a sample of how weve been training for it leading into conference championships this weekend.
Last Week
Monday: 500,400,300,200,100. Rest is walk of run distance. then to weight room squats 4X6 start at 225,245,265,285
Tuesday: 8x200 with a light pace, tempo work, then to weight room bench press and abs
Wedsnday: 3x30.3x30 gun starts off blocks.3x60 block starts with gun, flying 4x150’s.
thursday: hand off practice for relays. To weight room for Ab work
Friday: off
saturday: Meet
Sunday: spa
Monday: today: Fast stride 300 walk 100, race pace 200 5 minutes rest, fast stride 200 walk 100 race pace 150 5 minutes rest, then four laps of stride 100 walk 100.
Tuesday: Pool work, Abs and power clean
Wedsnday: Were doing handoffs and little block work. Then 2x300 full recovery fast.
Thursday: tempo, 4x200 real light
Friday: conference prelims

there it is, Good luck, the last week sounds tough for prelims and finals but we alter a lot of things in our diet and rest.

thanks willie. how long do you focus on endurance? I had three months to train for the 100, I spent a month doing acceleration(0-30m), max speed(30-70m) and a month working on speed endurance(80-150m). Could you give me any suggestion as what you’d focus on for the 200m?

Or nothingx or dman, if yall want to chime in. thanks.

Well we focus on both every week. The first day of the week well work on endurance like 150’s even 300’s, then on wedsnday well do speed work like 4x30, 3x60,2x80. Do you need more info…

nothingx: I have question. We have conference this week and it begins on friday. can you critique my workout for today 500 race pace, 300 race pace. Squat 4x6 heavy. What do you think

How often do you squat when you sprint that much and what’s the workout like, low volume and high intensity? How do you not overtrain with that much volume on the track? Any recovery methods? Thanks again.

willii, hard to critique an individual workout… the workout looks fine to me, but if you did that every day it would be poor. In addition what day are you doing this workout before? Personally before a major meet i will train hard 2 days prior to that, the day before do a recovery run or nothing depending on how i feel.

nathan n, ill squat once every 5-6 days. Track volume is a little lower than normal on that days, don’t do maximal effort runs on those days. train about 5 hours after squat workout or vice versa. regarding overtraining, you can just jump onto the track and start an experience sprinters workout, you have to build a tolderance per se. For recovery methods i use a post workout shake, try to sleep well, a few mineral supplements which i’m deficient in and occasional massage therapy.

When you’re trying to push up your weights do you still try to make gains on the track, and vice versa?

nathan, sometimes i still make gains on the track, but most of the time i don’t know for sure, i don’t do much timed running… i have issues with sleeping so often that impedes my ability to recover/perform at a high level.