For US=GG ;0)

Your kind of ad, I guess? ;0)

Dan I was going to post the samething for him. LOL. :wink:


What, Me Worry?

Thanks Dan!!! I enjoyed the laugh. It must really gall the nitwits (lumpy, kuri, iscariot, etc…) on this forum to think that you are going to have FOUR MORE YEARS OF W. How can that be? Didn’t the democratic national convention spokespeople say that George W. was “dumb?” How can he be so popular? Didn’t the dnc say he “had no coattails?” How did he pick up seats in AN OFF ELECTION? How has his poll numbers remained so high? Especially, since most pollsters are notoriously liberal. Wait, I have it, his daddy bout the pollsters AND the electorate. Again, thanks for the laugh. hillary in 2004!!!