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For Trade: Grow! Whey

Hey guys, I’m looking to trade my Grow! Whey for some other Biotest supplements. I have [u]three (3)[/u] unopened containers that I will trade for Surge, Metabolic Drive (low carb), Metabolic Drive bars or HOT-ROX Extreme.

If you’re interested, just let me know. I’ll pay the shipping on my end to send you the Grow! Whey in exchange for you sending me something comparable in price.


Anyone? Anyone?

If no one wants to trade, I’ll sell it to you! I’ll even offer FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.


If you don’t like it, doesn’t Biotest have a return policy?

The whey is tolerable if you blend it with some honey dew mellon or cantelope.

If you still have any tubs left in a week (when I place my next order from Biotest) I will either buy some from you or I can order a few things for trade with you.

And the whey powder I dislike on its own, but if you mix it with Metabolic Drive the shake becomes very creamy. I have tried with orange, banana, and strawberry. Works pretty well.

note - you have been PM’d about this as well.