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For Those Who've Used Turnabol/Parabolan


I have been pretty old school with my AS use in the past, using mainly dbol and test. I have to admit that the best results I have ever gotten were from fina (home brewed from pellets). My strenght went way up, and I have never been harder.The second time I used fina, I got the tren cough pretty bad, and I have no desire to use it again. I know it was from the BA, but the tradeoff was not worth it. I am reading that parabolan gives fina like results, but without the harsh side effects. I know para is a tren derivitive, but is the BA in parabolan lower?
Regarding turnabol, I'm reading "dbol type results without the bloat". Sounds ideal to me. Thats why I ask people who have used these. The proof is in the results.


parabolan is not a tren derivative. Its simply trenbolone with a hexahydrobenzylcarbonate ester. Instead of finaplix pellets which is trenbolone with an acetate ester.

tren cough is not from the BA. Or else other drugs would have the same effects (virtually all oil based AAS are prepared with BA.

How much BA is added depends on who brews it. If you have authentic pharm grade parabolan, then I dont know the answer.


Bonez, dive you give any consideration to just answering my question? I believe tren cough is from the high BA content in the compound. The alcohol goes to the lungs, and the cough is the lungs trying to expell it.


You're wrong.


OK then. Next.


Answering your question the BA content of parabolan?

I did answer your fucking question. I said that the amount of BA will vary according to who brewed the AAS. Jesus christ, read my post.

And the reason I was nice enough to point out an error in your logic is because Im a moron that thinks people actually read and use google before blurting further ignorant posts.

The idea that BA causes "tren cough" is invalid. If I asnwered your question without stating that, it would give the impression that BA does cause tren cough, and effectively dumb down the forum.

If somoene said they know the reason the sky is blue is because of the reflection from the ocean but want to know why the sky turns red at sunset; and someone actually tried to aanswer that without explaining that the sky isnt blue because of reflection from the ocean, he'd just be leading the person with the question down a wrong path.

I stated that tren cough isnt from BA contnt. If you want to believe otherwise, go for it, I dont give a shit what you think. But do not tell me to "just answer your question" and effectively dumb down the forum.

There is actually so much inaccurate info and clear misstatements of fact that I tried to help you out as best I could without making you sound like a total jackass.

Dont expect me to waste my time with another reply.


It's people like you that make people reluctant to ask questions. You, the Belgian editorial bully. I did look up the tren cough and it appears that it is caused by prostaglandin metabolization. So what I had previously heard was wrong.

What in the world makes you think you can talk down to me? Because you have more posts? I asked a question about parabolan and turnabol. If you do have expertise in this area, please share. If not, we probably won't encounter each other again in this lifetime. Have a good one.


You still dont seem to realize that I answered your question about the BA content about the parabolan.

I didnt talk down to you until you acted like an ass trying to tell me what to do because you thought I didnt answer your question when I clearly did.


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