For Those Who Take Superfood

Two scoops weighs more than the 5gm serving size indicates. I take 2 anyway, but if you are trying to get just five and make you can last longer you need zero out you shaker bottles on a gram scale and then put the powder in,or just take one “fat” scoop.

Realizing that I was running out early, I started filling my scoops only to the line (where the handle is attached). Seems to work.

would rather have a little more than less. it’s freeze dried fruits and veg, not andro. dieting so strict to weight something like this is just too much, it will make you go crazy. if your weighing to stretch out a tub, you need to check the priorities in your finances.

Mod Brian has has addressed this a few times: pack your scoops lightly. The powder settles during shipping. I give my Superfood tub a shake before opening to re-aerate.