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For those who play basketball...recreational or league...


What type of routine are you guys doing and what are your stats/goals? How many times per. week do you play and how does it effect your training/ goals? thanks, Michael

PS- What type of foods/drinks do you have before playing that provides the most energy for the games?

I kind of have a similiar question. I play baseball and have a couple of double headers per week. My season just started so I just started using Chad Waterbury’s Next Big 3 training routine for my inseason workout.

I’m to am looking for input on nutrition on game day. I’ve been eating about 2 hours before game time but then the double header lasts at least 3 hours. So I’m going like 5 hours without eating. Does anybody have any input on something small I might consumer bewteen games?

I generally play 2-3 times a week and it can completely throw a wrench into my routine.

I’ve found a couple of key points that work well for me if I want to play 2-3 times a week.

  1. A 3 day split is much easier to work with than a 4 day.

  2. You must be flexible as sometimes you’ll end picking up several good games and you’ll miss your workout, so just get it in the next day.

  3. Depending on the amount, intensity and duration of basketball, I’ll adjust my carbohydrate intake appropriately (more carbs post exercise for more exercise)

In the end, your priorities determine how you set stuff up. If you want to play basketball and excel in that, you need to devote more time to it and less to lifting (assuming you only have a certain amount of time in your life - I know that I do).

It’s my opinion that playing a lot of basketball is pretty hard on the body. Of course, I’m 35 years old, so I don’t recover like I used to. I used to be able to run for 3 hours, go out partying, and run 3 hours the next day. Anymore, if I play for a couple of hours, I’m pretty damn sore the next day.

That being said, I feel like it’s hard to make great gains in size or strength during the heart of the season–or any time I’m playing a lot of ball. Right now, I’m lifting three days per week. I’ll play ball pretty much any OTHER day, but I try to limit myself to two runs per week. Maybe one other day, I’ll shoot around but NOT play hard.

You guys, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t eat during and between games! Why would you avoid nutrition?

I suggest something like Endurox, which has a combination of protein and carbohydrate and has been shown to better refill muscle glycogen and enhance performance.

HHH, I failed to realize you were talking about baseball. The former recommendation would be more applicable to those sports that require more anaerobic bursts (i.e. basketball, soccer, etc).

In your case, I’d say sunflower seeds are your best bet. Maybe a hot dog between games:-) Just kidding, bro.

Unless you’re the catcher or pitcher, then baseball isn’t really too demanding on the muscle and its stored substrate. Therefore, I think you should just eat to quench any hunger. Having a sports drink would likely also provide a benefit, but your glucose needs aren’t extremely elevated.