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For Those who Have used Extreme Tren....


Im thinking of starting a cycle but would like to do my homework on this before I do... such as how much and how long did you cycle this for? First things first,Im 30 yrs old 6'@ 205 lbs. Been lifting seriously for the past 4 years as well as eating clean while trying to maintain my sanity.

This is my first ph cycle and info would be greatly appreciated. I would like to know the proper why to cycle this as well as the PCT. Far as PCT goes Im leaning towards using Hardcore Test by Myogenix.

How long did you run a PCT afterwards? Also I will be implementing milk thistle...when would be a good time to take this and how much. Thanks for any help.


Nope. Not good. Anything OTC is not acceptable for PCT. Read the pro-hormone sticky, if you haven't already, post additional questions after that.


Thats the worst one! I hate selling it to people...and I think thats even a worse idea to use the otc pct.

to be honest I wouldn't even get it...


Yeah I took Xtreme Tren stacked with SD a few month back for a month. As well as several other PH/DS.

I wouldn't recommend you start off with a harsh ph/ds for your first go...Start with something like H-drol or Epistane/Havoc.

Since its your first cycle, go easy with it, if you are getting results at a certain dosage, there is no need to up the dose and risk greater chances of sides.

An average typical PCT for PH/DS usually lasts for 4wks. Xtreme Tren is unmethylated and dose not effect the liver, supplementing w/ Milk Thistle would be pointless.

Here are your two best possible options IMO.

Halodrol 6wks

Epistane or Havoc 6wks

PCT 4wks
Nolvadex (Tamox.)At least have it on hand.
PCT Assist
Test booster (Testofreak)

Supports 12wks (2wks preload, thru cycle and PCT)
Cycle Support (Minimize sides)
6-8g Vit B5 (Acne)
Stim (Energy Booster, fight side: Lethargy)
Vit B6/P5P (Helps prevent sore/itchy nips, estro buildup)
Vit C/Zinc (Immune System Booster)
Taurine (Painful Pumps)
Potassium/Magnesium (Cramps)
5-HTP (Ease aggression..improves mood; appetite suppressant)

Cycle Support is the only one that I'd deem necessary for a safe cycle, the other supports are optional.

Remember Time On + PCT = Time Off.

Beta Alanine6g, Creatine10g, Citrulline Malate6g
(This is a great natty stack to help increase muscular strength, and endurance. Start using this after you complete the PCT.)

Feel free to PM if you have any further questions. :slightly_smiling:


thanks for the help...I'll look into that