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For Those Who Have Taken Spike

I posted this in the link for Spike in the other day, but I guess no one goes and reads those posts anymore, so I guess I’ll post it here too.

I was just wondering if (from experience) any of you stopped taking it, after taking it for a while, and how it made you feel? Did you feel crummy and want to go back on it asap?

Also, what about if you only take it a couple days a week. Do you feel crappy on the days that you don’t take it?

Sorry if I missed it if someone asked a similar question. I just read through about every page in that thread, but skipped over some posts here and there since there was just soooo many.


I didn’t really feel crappy when I went off it, and I was taking it 5 days a week for 2 months at one point. definately not the same, but not any worse then I had been pre- Spike.

Spike affects people in different ways, for me, someone who is the very definition of stimulant resistant; I don?t get very stimulated off of any dose of Spike. (I?ve even tried stupid doses of both rapid release and Nano-dispersed.)


It does (at 3 rapid release pills) something else entirely. It literally lets any knowledge you have flow out at an alarming rate, you never (Or I never) get a ?On the tip of my tongue? feeling whilst Spiked. You?ll find in conversation you?ll get far more detailed and generally talk more.

I have stopped taking it while losing weight for summer, as HOT-ROX and Spike are contraindicated to be taken together.

I didn?t go through any withdrawal type stuff, but you do feel naked once in a while, especially if someone starts arguing with you. On Spike, I love arguments! I can recall more details then if Non-Spiked.

I still have some, and on days I know I?ll need to be 100% on my game I skip the HOT-ROX and take some Spike.

Hope that answerd a few questions.

I only take Spike on workout days and I haven’t felt bad or down on the “no Spike” days.

I don’t feel ‘crummy’. It’s more like ‘sad’. Like how you feel when you lose a pet. I guess that’s the best way to explain it.

I have really great workouts when I’m on it though. Helps out a lot for morning workouts.

Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World.

Bdfone. Out.

I don’t use Spike ofr any extended period of time. I find that any “extra” energy I get from using Spike I have to make up later with adiquate rest

An yes I know I can’t spell