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For Those Who Have Taken 1AD

Buddy of mine wants me to buy a bottle of his 1ad that he stockpiled before it was banned. 60 ct bottle for 50 bucks made by ergopharm. Sound like a fair deal? How was your gains using 1ad? I know I’ll need a pct. Worth the money or no? Im 30 years old and been lifting for ~8 years currently bulking. Would this be beneficial?

I thought it was great. I took 5 caps a day. In fact I ran some a few months ago.

I used to take 1AD and 19Nor and got a kick of sorts from it. One bottle won’t do much. I was taking 6 1AD’s and 6 19Nor’s for what I would call a marginal bump. It took a couple bottles of the AD to kick in for me. For the price you end up paying and the bump you get, you’re better off just doing a run.
Plus all that’s going through your liver.
I’m not a big fan of orals (due to the liver toxicity of most and non-sustaining gains at least from the research I’ve done)