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For Those Who Ever Had Injuries...

Was just wondering for those of you who have had injuries:

1.) How long/ what was your injury
2.) How much gains did you lose and how long it took to gain them back

Severely strained quad: 3-4 weeks, 75lb loss on squat, 4 weeks to gain back.

Torn hip flexor: 2-3 weeks, no real noticable loss of strength when able to resume lifting.

Strained calf: 2 weeks, no real noticable loss of strength except in olympic lifts.

Strained anterior deltoid: 3 weeks, 30lb loss on bench, 30lb loss on military press, 4 weeks to regain strength.

Cracked/Seperated ribs: 4 weeks to resume lifting, 8 weeks to fully heal, 20lbs loss on bench.

(I might add that with the cracked ribs I was very careful to minimize any muscle and strength loss by training triceps 2x/week but without pressing movements.)

I had micro tear trauma in my lower back.

I lost pretty much all of my squat. I was up to 415, and after my injury, couldn’t squat anything for about 45 days.

That was back in July/August. This past week I got underneath 275 for the first time in a few months and did 4 sets of 6 reps.

I have been really depressed, I just had my knee scoped a week ago and I have been really bummed. This last summer playing hockey, I got cheap shotted by some guy in front of the net, totally messed me up. I couldn’t walk for a couple of days and I eventually needed surgury. Luckily, they didn’t have to open the knee, just scoped it and removed the bone chips. But I haven’t squatted or pulled sled for like three weeks now, really depressing, heavy weight and lean eating seem to be my anti-depressant. Thats not a bad vice to have.

Well, I’ve been lucky up to now. Aside from completely poping my knee cap off once while doing heavy deadlifts, I have just incured my second injury of any consequence.

The knee cap was a freak accident. I was deadlifting close to 600lbs. when suddenly I felt something like a click, a pop, and GREAT pain. I fell to the ground and landed on the side of my right knee in just such a way that it caused my knee cap to completely pop off! It was kind of a shock to see my knee cap sticking off to the side of my leg. I reached down and pushed it back in place.

Now, this was such a freak accident that I don’t think it could happen again in a million years. Anyway, my whole leg immediately became VERY black and blue, and very painful. Well, I was too young and dumb at the time to realise how serious this could be, so I didn’t go to a doctor! Instead I “rehabed” it myself (after several weeks of doing nothing but limp around). I started with very light leg extensions and worked up. After several months I was able to start back with squating. I REPEAT–THIS WAS VERY STUPID, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME! I got lucky, as today I have no real problems with my knees except a little stiffness when I sit to long or the weather changes and becomes very cold.

As far as my current injury, I think I tore my front delt/upper pec. I didn’t even notice until later that day after the workout. My anterior delt/upper pec started to hurt. I took my shirt off and my left anterior delt/upper pec was bruised pretty extensively, and pretty heavily discolored. it became more painful to stretch, to contract, my anterior delt–as in doing a bicep pose, or placing your arms in the starting position for military presses.

In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s how I injured myself–doing military presses. I can’t understand why though, as I wasn’t going that heavy (5 rep day of TBT–135lbs.). The only thing I can think of is that I contract my anterior delt pretty hard as I do military presses. Maybe the stress between the weight and my contracting the delt really hard was too much. I don’t know it really doesn’t make sense to me.

Anyway, it’s been four days. I keep moving my delt to try and keep blood flowing through it and combat the stiffness. Hot showers also help. I’ve had one workout since the injury, and my bench has gone down by 20lbs. So I don’t think the injury is too severe. Tommorrow is a 15 rep day, and that should actually help as the weight will be much less and it will help keep the blood moving through the muscle.

Any insight anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.



Left Knee Damaged ACL/Right Knee Torn ACL, Damaged Miniscus, Damaged MCL. Waiting on surgerey, been about 9 months since injury. Lost 150lbs on squat and have regained 80lbs. Cannot run without suportive bracing.

(Suspected sublax of the sternoclavicular joint, I have not lost any weight on my lifts but I cant perform lifts like machine flys or incline presses.)

Impingment left shoulder. Had an MRI scan to diagnose it, and did a few stints at rehab. This was 4 yeas ago and I still have to be very careful to do prehab(warm up my rotator cuff) or I have pain when lifting.I am naturally hyper-mobile (damned genetics) so this issue is always with me.

1.) Herniated Disk at L4/L5 region…
Had surgery on April 1st, 2004. Before the surgery, I was squatting 365, bench press at 240, and my hang clean was somewhere between 205-210. As of today, I am bench pressing 260, squatting around 355, and not sure about hang clean, but I did 170 for 4 reps last week.

2.) Strained Left Hamstring (twice-once on biceps femoris, the other on semimembranosis.) Took about 4-5 weeks with each to feel normal again. Couldnt sprint full speed for about 2 months.

3.) Broken left pinky finger and broken right ring finger. Just taped it up, iced, splinted, and kept playing.

Fully ruptured Patellar Tendon. Yep, kneepcap halway up the thigh and all. Nothing attaching the quads to the lower leg. Pretty disgusting to look at and a sh*tload worse to feel.
Three years ago.
I never will FULLY recover (according to docs), but I’m walking without a limp and starting to try to build my legs back. The rest of the physique suffered TREMENDOUSLY (as you can see in my “before” pics in the photos section.
The explosive movement sports are out, though (basketball, football, etc). However, I would LOVE to prove the docs wrong and get it all back.

Hey Bob, I’ve suffered the same injury, although only on my right knee (had cartilage trimming on my left before, yay Tae Kwon Do), torn acl, mcl and meniscus (yay rugby!). The mcl is feeling ok now. Although my knee’s sore. Should be getting the repair in June, after my exams… Have you been set any rehab? I searched the site and found a few articles, but I’m still a bit confused.

I fell down some stairs (stepped off 4 like it was the last one) and snapped two ligaments in my left ankle. By far the worst injury I’ve ever had.

I was out of weightlifting for about 2wks, 5wks on legs and couldn’t do martial arts for about a year. Very bad. I’m fine now, apart from the little niggling things that all trainers have to deal with.