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For those who eat P+F and P+C meals, does it work? Also some questions regarding this system

I’m thinking about starting this system and was wondering if anyone has seen good results with this. The thing is, I’m not doing the Massive Eating program. I an currently doing the Testosterone Advantage Plan diet and would like to incorporate these combinations into my diet, however, I’ve calculated that after my workout and post workout drinks, I’ll still have 189 carbs to account for. Following this method means eating around 95 carbs in each of my other P+C meals. I don’t exactly buy into the whole 1.5-2 grams of protein per lb. that seems to be prevalant with this program. I currently take in around .9-1 gram per lb. This means that my most of my meals would constitue a high carb and fat content with a considerably smaller amount of protein. Will this still be an effective method of eating, or should I abandon the program since I am taking in less protein and more carbs and fat than the program seems designed for. Thanks for your segguestions.

What are your goals?

What are your stats e.g. age, weight, LBM, height?

What type of training program are you using?

First off it seems like you’re taking in over 200g’s of carbs. To me that right there is making your diet part bulking cycle. Your protein requirements are based on your training program plus your goals and current LBM. A high carb, moderate fat and moderate protein intake is gonna put on some layers of grissle for you.

Write out a days nutrition, post it here along with your workout routine. This will allow the people on the forum help you out more efficiently

The whole P+C P+F issue is a life style for mabny on this site.

With a little practice it is not hard at all to get used to it. Just limiting your C to 10 or less roughly during P+F and your F to 5 or less during P+C.

As far as the protein is concerned I generally shoot for atleast 1g per lb of LBM during cutting stages when K/cals are low. Other than that 1.5 or more during maint. and aronud 2 during bulking phases.

The easiest way is to simply get your protien for each meal laid out first then fill in the gaps with either C or F.

But You have to find what works for you. It very well may be you react better to lower protein, I would suggest atleast 1g per lb/lbm though.

Give the combos a try for a couple weeks. It does get easy and is a great way to keep the BF under control and keep gaining LBM.

I hope this helps and that you can make some sense of al the C, P, LBM, BF, F, etc… LOL