For Those Who 'Blast'

To those of you who are on TRT and increase dosage for a period…

Do you feel a new, more “euphoric” effect than what your TRT dose gives you? Do you notice the same side effects, in the same amounts of time as people who are not on TRT that run cycles of testosterone?

Personally, when I am using just 100-125mg test prop per week
I feel the best…slight euphoria, but nothing like taking MDMA etc.
Just a general sense of well being, even energy, great libido.

Blast amounts (500mg+per week) can actually work backwards in the
euphoria/feel good dept.

500mg of test per week vs 100mg requires more AI,
but generally not 5x as much. You can get a little lost in
the process your first time through, and you should get blood work done
after your 3rd-4th week to double check that your E2 is at an acceptable level

With blast sized dosages, side effects are more likely to appear as well.

Here is an old thread that talks about the feeling of being “ON,” and what each poster
felt was the best experience.