For Those That Have Bulked and Cut

Where did you stop? As of this morning im down 23lb. 181.4

Im figuring im right around 15 pct bf.

I could continue leaning down. Dont want to look “skinny” tho. The cut hasnt been hard. Just simple mathematics

When i put myself into a surplus again. I definitely want a slower bulk with less fat gain.

Last one (first one) went from 4/21-12/21

Then i cut from 1/22 to now

Goals? Look like captain america

Most recently, I bulked until I came back with blood lipids out of whack and cut until my hormones crashed. From there, I’ve learned moderation, and employ time phased approaches. 12 weeks of gaining, from there, assess. If “not fat”, 7 week diet break, then another 12 weeks of gaining and assess. If “getting fat”, 7 weeks of reduced calories.


Strength has always been the most important metric for me. With fluctuating body weight the squat is not a good strength metric. I recommend a upper body barbell press if your shoulders permit.

Don’t lose weight so fast, or long enough to be losing muscle (strength). If you are still pushing the same weight, drop some more fat. If you are getting weaker, stabilize a bit.

IMO, they call it bodybuilding because we are “building” muscle, and not just losing fat. But that’s just me.


I’ve been bulking since last April and I have no end in sight since I still have my abs and vascularity. It’s great for adding strength and size. Many people will plateau for years and never get above the 170-180 pound range, because they fear staying in a caloric surplus. That was me for a long time, but this past year has been very transformative and educational for me from a mass building standpoint. The most important thing to make sure those calories get used primarily for muscle building is to train HARD AS F!!!


I would bulk around 10lbs extra of where i wanna be because as soon as i skip a meal or stop force feeding every time, i will lose the bloat.
I cut around 8lbs lower than were id want to be, because as soon as i start eating for a gain, i will bloat a bit.


I was a powerlifter that got up to 240. I now stay at a lean 185-ish.

I don’t recommend bulking like I did. Slow gain is better in my opinion. I also much prefer staying leaner, lighter, and fitter. But that’s just my current goals because I’m old and chase kids.

If you want to look like Cap for the long term, You may need to gain some muscle (I don’t know what your build is like), but you also need to learn how to both get and live lean. If you get to the leanness you want, you can slowly gain from there keeping your fat in check. It’s going to be healthier, you’re going to look better through that time, and you are going to build the skills for staying lean. However, it takes more effort on the front end. You’ll also find out where you really are and how far you need to go. Even if you end up “skinny”, that would just mean you are skinny fat now and don’t even know it.

Ultimately, it’s up to you, your lifestyle, and your short and long-term goals. My recommendation is to get to a bodyfat level you like and are comfortable with and take gaining slowly.


Hard to advise.

This is 100% subjective really. What you think is “skinny” will be different to me.

How tall are you? When you say 15% what does that mean? IMO…you cut until you are pool ready. That generally means everything but perhaps the lower abs are visible. That becomes your baseline. From there you can slowly add weight up to around 10% over baseline depending on your genetics. As has been mentioned, during this period you need to be training hard. I believe getting stronger is the best way to measure progress during this time. The surplus period should last at least a year. When you cut the next time, you cut until you reach your baseline appearance. If you have things dialed in you’ll be heavier than before. Caliper reading help.


Im 5’10. I can see upper ab development. Its def more pronounced when i flex my midsection but 15pct is just an estimate. I havent measured with calipers. Im judging based on pictures from some sites ive seen

I would consider that at or about the upper cosmetic limit. I suspect you would need to lose about another fifteen pounds to reach what I would consider ‘pool ready’. Where are you at with your daily calories right now?

Thanks for the input. I appreciate the feedback from everyone. Im at 1900 cal per day. At least 1 g per pound for protein