For Those that Bench 365 Plus

For the guys that can bench 365 plus how many times can you rep out 315? I can get it around 6 times, which should put me around 370 max, but I went for a top single today at 365 and missed it. Frustrating as hell.

Some people are better doing reps than singles. My best squat set for example is 18x125kg at a time when I couldn’t even dream of doing a 160kg single. It’s all about what you are conditioned to do. If you do a lot of rep work and can easily rep that 315 you mentioned, you still might fail a single that’s not even that much higher in weights if you aren’t used to the weight or doing singles. Same thing applies the other way around.

My best competition bench was 385 at 4 weeks ago at RPS. Attempted 405 and went up fast off the chest and stalled towards the top. I hit 7 reps during the cycle and maybe could have squeezed out an eighth but wasn’t worth it without a spotter.

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Do you practice heavy singles (or even heavy triples at 90-95 percent) often?

How you translate from reps → singles depends where you spend most of your time working. If you train mostly in the 8-12 rep range, the calculator probably skews a little in that direction for you.


I’ve been training mostly in the 4-6 rep range with some occasional heavy doubles with 325-335. You’re right I probably just need to be more conditioned to do top singles more often.

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I train heavy most days and can hit 315x6. With a paused bench 380 and tng 390

I have always been better at reps. Recently benched 315 for 10 and finally hit 400. I squat 415 for 20 reps belt only like a warm-up but 550 would probably fold me over right now belt only.

My numbers are about the same as vince.

305x5, 315x4, 325x3, 345x2, 365x1.

Not much of a repper.

my max squat is 585 with belt and sleeves right now but holy shit 415x20 would kill me haha

I can rep at least 6x but i doubt my PR or 350 can exceed 365

My formula six reps x 1.21 iam fast twitch verys greatly. I could bench 405 when i triple 365 , no guys who have to do 365 x 5 to bench 405. Range of motion has something to do with. A 500lb sumo puller can pull 405 x 10 12 , a conventional puller can get 5 to 7 with 405. It varies.

I hit 365 a few months ago and never did max reps for 315 but I would be surprised if I could get 5. Train doubles and singles, if you don’t already, and you will get it.