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For those on Meltdown training-Post workout shake

I’m curently in my third week of meltdown training and have been using a low carb, T-dawg based diet with it. I was using Cell-Tech but stopped this weekend because of all the sugar and carbs. I have about 6 weekd left till break and am down to about 10.5% BF and got a few more %'s to drop. I’m wondering what you guys are using for pre and post workout meals, and how loose you have been on the carb intake while still seeing good results.

Surge. Half during, half after. Getting about 100 carbs total per day.

Seeing good results with Surge 1/2 before, 1/2 after. I get about 80g carbs per day. Most of the non-Surge carbs are fiber.

Poliquin’s Ultimate Workout meal pre-w, Surge post-w. It really is THAT simple.

Hi, I am looking for a diet to burn fat and loose weight. I am 235 lbs 6ft tall and fit. I have been training for over 10 years.

Is the surge something I can get at GNC or a supp store or does it need to be ordered. And those 80g carbs per day, is that besides the surge or including.

You can get Surge from T-mag…just go to the online store (buy 2 get 1 free). Carbs…I just keep it to 100 g/day or under, and that includes Surge (50g/serv.)

I only do the Surge after meltdown training. If I take it before or during I’ll puke. This workout really gets my stomach upset between sets so I just sip a little water in between and a little before. Any more and it would get quite messy. However, during any other training method I have used surge before/during/after for some time with good success.

Do all of u guys work for Biotest or somthing? Or do u think by kissing some ass on the forum youll get some free supps?

No I don’t work for Biotest, jerk. I just happen to like and use a lot of their supplements. Do I use them exclusively? No. I also use products from GNC, Members’ Mark, Prolab, Champion, etc. If you don’t like Biotest then use another brand…it doesn’t make a bit of dif to me. The guy simply asked what we were using post-workout. Out of curiosity why are you so shocked that on a Biotest sponsored website that there might actually be people who use and recommend their supplements?

I looked at Surge though and its pretty expensive. I have glutamine supps and protein and I stopped the cell-tech like I said. ANy foods or cheaper supps that seem to work (sorry I’m not trying to be cheap but I’m still in school). also the guys before on another post told me to quit cell-tech if I ever want to reach ketosis. Isnt surge sorta the same as far as sugar and carbs. I was thinking lower carbs cause I only have 4 weeks now till break. Also is it exagerated about the bad breath with ketosis. I’m sure it does a little but is it so bad my girlfriend isnt gonna want to be near me.

I have no problem whatsoever with Biotest or its products. They are very high quality i have used them many of times but unfortunatly i cant afford them. I just said that because it seems that this is the ONLY thing people will perscribe for supplements on this board. Just an opinion was not directing it at anyone in particular more like a general statment.

Hey man sounds like you are getting good results. I personally I have been doing GVT 200 for 5 weeks now and the anabolic diet. The last 2 weeks I have been using finasol. If you are up to trying it you should. I have lost fat while still being able to gain muscle.

Rye, you don’t have to be in full-blown ketosis to get the benefits of this type of diet. This is something I used to be paranoid about. Like Chris Shugart (and also Lyle McDonald) said, ultimately 100 g. or under will eventually cause ketosis, but you might not show it on the ketosticks if you are using them (and I wouldn’t) as you could just be burning them all up. I don’t have a problem w. Cell-Tech per se, I just don’t like the bullshit they put in their ads (but then that makes me not like a lot of companies). I would most definitely consume carbs post-workout, or at least once you hit the 8 percent mark. Dextrose (Cell-Tech) is ok since it’s very high glycemic, but I didn’t catch what you were using for protein (hopefully whey). You could experiment with only whey and glutamine post-workout until you hit your goal, but it takes a lot of glutamine for this approach. I happen to like Surge, but it obviously isn’t the only thing you can use. Good luck1