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For Those Of You Who Wanted a Pic.....


Hey guys!!! For those of you who wanted to see a pic (recent one) of me, here's my physique one week out of the Canadian Nationals, held at the end of august. At that point I was 225lbs, ended up onstage at 222lbs. Let me know what you think (don't be shy, I can take it!!! lol!)


Follow the damn RMP rules. Where are the fucking back and wheel pics!!!!?

Kidding. You're a beast! Awe-inspiring.


Your shoulders blow my fucking mind.


Unreal shoulder width.




Have you ever received criticism about the tattoo from judges or other competitors?


@postholedigger: I know I know.....lol!!! But don't worry, my wheels and back are my trade marks. Arm size and a bit more width for my upper chest and mid back are what Im striving for! Thanks for taking the time bud!


@all: Thanks guys for your great comments. Ive been blessed with a wide clavicle, so I just had to fill it up over the years!


@Iconic24: Can't say that I have man, but then again, I only competed once since my tat. Guys like Dorian Yates do have tattoos, but are able to pretty much hide everything and still perform at their best. But it does, in my opinion, take away some separation and cuts to your physique.


Me back in 2007, as a lightheavyweight.


Side chest, Canadian Nationals 2010. Could


Rear Lat Spread, Canadian Nationals 2010. Still holding a bit of water, next time will be even sharper.


Damnnnn that rear lat spread is SICK.

Great physique man.



Just linking your thread to avoid some redundant questions. Amazing awe inspiring development.


@bugeishaAD: Thanks man, with the help of coach Thibaudeau I think my back and traps as to be to two bodyparts I improved the most so far. Still some work to be done though, but thanks again!!!


@XanderBuilt: Thanks buddy!!! I appreciate it!


Awesome job man!!


@Everlast9489: Thanks man! Been busting my balls for 15 years now in the gym, pumping the iron, fighting thru injuries and everything....I can honestly say that my progress went thru the roof since I joined Biotest and coach Thibaudeau's team, it was a real blessing for me!!!


you look great....insane shoulders!


@Bigger Than You: Thanks buddy, Im trying my best to balance things out, slowly but surely!!!