For those of you who eat before bed..........

What do you prefer? Shakes? Solid food? Cake and Candy? Should you just have protein? or P/C? or P/F?


I used to eat before I went to bed, now ZMA won’t let me…
Anyway, it depended on how long I wanted to sleep. If I ate protien (usually in steak form) I would wake up in the middle of the night and have to eat again. To sleep a solid 8, I had to eat some kind of carb. (has anyone else had this?)

cottage cheese

Actually you can have your ZMA and eat too… (I’d say cake but you don’t want simple sugars before bed - haha

Stick with slow digesting proteins - (cottage cheese is wonderful) and good fats (flax oil, fish oil, and some natural pb).

IN regards to the ZMA…take it 30 minutes BEFORE your last meal…It will absorb on an empty stomach, and then you can eat your last meal to sustain you through the night…voila! all is good!

Hope this helps.

i eat cheese. dairy products can help make you sleepy and they have good protein to slowly digest and absorb into the body as you sleep.

(WHOLE dairy products, not isolates, which absorb way to fast to have that affect).

I prefer P+F. Solid food as tuna, meat, eggs. (about 50g of protein)
5-10g of fatt. Flaxoil, fishoil, omega3 cappsules, etc…

Keep the kcalories high, but the karbs low!

Type Bedtime Story into the search engine.

Second cottage cheese. Slow absorbing casein, some carbs too.

I prefer cat food.

I second Oogie with the ZMA thing. Eat a half hour after you’ve taken your ZMA. By then it will have been absorbed.

I usually will have a protein shake in milk, with a can of tuna. But I also sleep only about 6 hours at one time. If I plan on sleeping more I will set my alarm clock for sometime in the middle and throw down another small meal.

Single malt scotch.

I believe calcium interferes with the absorption of zinc. When I do have a bedtime meal and take ZMA, I make sure that the food does not contain calcium.


ZMA can not be absorbed efficiently if you have food in your system. Especially calcium.

However, as one good poster mentioned above. Take the ZMA, wait for 30-45 minutes and then eat again. The ZMA would have already been absorbed.

Follow this method:

  1. After eating (anything), wait at least 2 hours

  2. Then take the ZMA (on a relatively empty stomach)

  3. After ZMA, wait for about 45 minutes and the eat something that digests slowly. Cottage chees with some flaxseed oil is great.

Hope that helps.

If it doesn’t, read some more on this site, it has been discussed a lot previously. And check out bedtime protein article.