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For Those Born in the 80's...




weird...but I guess I'm in the crowd. Y2K and golden eye on the 64 etc


80's Baby!


Born in 88'...FUCK YEAH!


ummmmm....86 in the house.

The video was garbage, though.


If you were born on or after 86, you probably don't have much recollection of all that was cool about the '80s. So you all don't count. Especially you, Wol. Yeah, I'm talking to you!


HA HA '85 FTW!!


I remember crack, aids, the Just Say No campaign (thanks Nancy), DARE, SANE.

I remember watching He-Man and thinking there was nothing wrong with that show.

I remember watching Smurfs and not knowing what Communism was but knew I had to hate it.

I remember the craze over the hover boards from BTTF 2 and how "they were already in development and were going to be out for Christmas" every fuckin' year.

I remember being scared because I lived in LA County after the Rodney King trial and thought the riots were right outside of my door but they weren't because LA Country is fuckin' huge and I didn't live anywhere near the riots.

Oh, and I remember Saved By The Bell when they were in fuckin Middle School and that bitch from the Parent Trap (yea, the original) was their pricipal.




Being born in the 80s were cool but growing up in the 90s were awesome. I feel bad for kids these days;they missed out on some cool shit.


I was born in 79. 70's for the win! What is so great about the 70's you ask?



Yea, you know you want it.



Vegita, 70's can't compete with the 80's.

What's so great about the 80's you ask?




Bigger and better pix!


The avitar is priceless.



I was born on September 28, 1990.

So my parents were probably considering making me in late '89. FWIW. But in all seriousness, if you were born in 85 or after you shouldn't count. That'd be like if I was recounting my memories of Michael Jordan--I'd be full of shit, or worse, a Wizards fan.


^Only cool kids are born on September 28th regardless of decade


Shit I was born Sept 26th, does that make me part cool or mostly cool? anyways, Libras FTW!



^close enough for gov't work...