For Those About to Get Jacked...

at age 38 I am carrying at or near lifetime best muscle tissue with zero prescription drug help

right now my training volume is pretty high, but from April '09 through March '10 my training volume was extremely low, I looked like shit but I really think it ultimatley helped me add some crazy muscle once I shifted to more comprehensive training

I dedicated 1 day a week to either HEAVY pulls, squats, pulls & squats, rack pulls, or “bottom-up” rack squats

during the week i did close to nothing - a random workout here & there, like grabbing a real heavy dumbell & doing a couple sets of rows, 10 minutes of dumbell snatch work, maybe a few chins no real comprehensive system

I did not skip any meals to put it mildly

some of the lifts I posted during that time…

615 X 2 no belt raw squat with hangover & jogging shoes
900 pound rack squat from 3/4 depth
835 below knee sumo racklift
765 conventional rack deadlift (at least 5" below knee)
585 X 8 from same position on rack conventional

i did take the time to stretch hammies & back back every day

this April I cranked up the nutrition & trained with some piss & vinegar 6 days a week, 2x per day on at least 2 of the days

the intense, heavy weight, fat-pig training combined with the flexibility work really did wonders for my joints, I’m not sure if my joints have ever felt better than they do now

now I will get to the point…

I really think any beginner that is serious about putting on some serious size should commit to a 2 day per week (maybe 3) of building some respectable limit strength & sucking down some wicked sized meals

no arms, no side raises, just squat/pull/row some new #'s for 6 months to a year before entering a quality muscle period

I will be at a lifetime lean conditioning by Oct 9th, by then i will have logged enough reps & pumps to last a while, from there I am planning on doing a 4-6 month better version of my 12 month lazy period

Time off of volume without turning into a complete female has always seemed to give a boost, back in my football days I always seemed to make insane gains for the first 2 months after season’s end - as an example during my sophomore year collegiate season I benched heavy once/ week & did a few other exercise, 405 X 4 every Monday, within 6 weeks after the season ended I could hit 455 X 3 and added a pretty good belt of muscle tissue

Low volume for 6 months followed by Crazy high volume = big tissue gains

free my .02 for those about to get Jacked!!!

We salute you?

POIDH? lol

Seriously man, I wanna see your wheels/lower back.

[quote]LikeWater wrote:

no arms, no side raises, just squat/pull/row some new #'s for 6 months to a year before entering a quality muscle period


I believe I’m confused.

Are you saying people should start neglecting arms, shoulders & chest for upwards of a year?

I mean I’ve heard the arms meme a million times, so whatever, but I think shoulders are too important to allow imbalances to form by ignoring direct work.

throw in a few handstand pushups or the like to keep em active

check this out, there was an oldr powerlifter I used to shoot the breeze with, he competed back in the 70’s

when he first strated training his bench really sucked, so bad that he was embarrased to train it in front of the other guys at the gym (Frantz Sports Center if you’ve ever heard of it) anyway after a year and 1/2 of training & acheiving big #'s in both squat & deads he decided to see if his bench had gone up, it did… from under 200 to 385

my arms are peeking @ 22’s with a pump right now, & that is just training them since April, my delts have expanded nicely also

heavy squats & pulls will keep your arms & shoulders stronger than you think

I will post some pics of my progress after the 4th

[quote]LikeWater wrote:

heavy squats & pulls will keep your arms & shoulders stronger than you think


I mean, I guess. And I’m not going to argue with your results.

I am just hesitant to tell brand newbs not to hit those muscles directly.

sure, at the end of the day what works is certainly best!

i should probably elaborate that for me, the heavy low volume effect has followed a period of time where i have plateaued a bit

one thing is for sure, a common mistake that “beginners” tend to make is way too much energy spent on smaller movements that are not very good choices for encouraging a change in muscle tissue