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For Those Aborted in the 80's


You're missing out!!!


My abortion didn't take...


I tell my dad he should have taken my little brother (21) out when he had the chance every time he calls me to bitch about him. That and its still not to late to take out my baby brother (5)


I've discussed abortion many hours with my mother. She can't get over the fact that I fully support post-term abortion, at least as long as the mother's sanity is in danger.


I have this "thing" for cute little footsies in high heels. Yes, I know it is weird and I'm still trying to come to grips with it (although, probably not as weird as my habit of wearing women's panties, but that's a different topic altogether) So please continue to post, even if you have nothing at all to say.


p.s. fap fap fap


Sniffing I can understand, but wearing them? Wtf bro?


Abortions make you wanna fap? That's the 10th weirdest thing I've seen or heard on this site.


No...okay yes, that, coupled with PMPM's feet in high heels.


Don't fret bro-ham, they are worn simply for comfort...at least that is what I tell people.


Do you tuck or go for the sausage smuggler look?


Sausage smuggler, of course.


I don't like this thread anymore.



Oh, and thanks for posting again.


Dustin: Creeping out women on the internet since 2010.


No, he's Class of 2002.


Please, my posts are far more tame than some other shit I read here.

I mean seriously, like I wear wiminz panties...or do I...


Two things I want to know:

Is that really PMPM's legs in her avatar (hoping and praying they are)?

Does Dustin really wear panties (hoping and praying he does)?


I was waiting for the usual "pics or it didn't happen", comment. :slightly_smiling:


Iron Dwarf and Dustin: Stalking PMPM before she even joined the site.


That's because your post term wisdom fell onto deaf ears. Pearls before swine. Your avatar is distracting from your wit, at least to the men.