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For The Youngsters Wanting To Juice

Seems like we are getting more and more posts from young people (or at least people young in training years) looking for roids as a “magic pill” so to speak. Here is an excellent post made on another forum from someone who started using steroids while they were still too young in training years. I think it illustrates very well how steroids are not a magic pill, and if your training and diet suck, nothing is gonna help you. Enjoy and take this to heart…

"Just wanted to share my story about juicing and why I feel most should wait a bit longer before taking the plunge. This I guess is mostly directed towards the young guys. Its a long read and not so dramatic but do read it. because that can be you!

About 4 years ago(when I was 17)I stumbled across the various steroid boards on the web. I had always had the mindset that steroids are only dangerous shit that cheaters and ****ups use. After reading for a while though I got intrigued by steroids and realised they are not at all as dangerous as the media claims and certainly not only for assholes and cheaters. So imidietly I started planing my cycle. The thing is I got so obsessed about steroids that I TOTALY forgot to read upp more about proper diet, workouts and the things that REALY matters.

After reading about steroids for a year I started my first cycle 2 months before I turned 18. I had a very good grasp about steroids, how they work, potential side effects. Everything because I had studied them religiously for during that year. But I had no grasp on workouts or diets. My first 12 week cycle I gained close to 50ibs, put on 45ibs on my bench, 80+ibs on my squat and 40 something on my deadlift. Not to bad but the downside was that I was flat out FAT. I would guess only 10 of those 50 ibs where quality the rest was pure lard and bloat. I went on to pct and started to realise how ****ing fat I had become.

Soon I started to cut down. Not knowing the proper diet or anything I noticed that my gains where starting to disapere. So instead of beeing clean for atleast 12 weeks after pct as I had planed I was only clen for 6 weeks before I jumped on again. Since my diet was crap and I didnt se any results I started doing massive dosages of t-3 instead.

After that cycle that lasted for 8 weeks I once again promised myself that I will stay clean for atleast 12 weeks. But that was a joke I was on again after 5 weeks. Most doesnt realise just how damn addicting steroids are. Especialy if a bit depressed and lifting becomes a persons reason to exist. That spring I did a semi crappy ass diet while doing just insane dosages of t-3(250-270mcg) and clen.

For a time I had so much cramps that it wasnt even funny. Whenever I coughed or sneezed my stomach would cramp upp so bad that I feel down on the floor. If I sat down for a few seconds and then stod upp again my legs totaly locked upp. I had a rest heart rate around 110 and only when my heart began skipping beats did I drop the dosage.

I somehow managed to drop 45ibs of fat that spring and looked decent but I had been on for 4 months or more then and when I tried to take time off during the summer it wasnt more then 5 weeks until I was on again.

The fall after that summer wasnt as stupid as the one before. But I still didnt put even 1/10 as much thought into my workouts or diet as I should have. I balloned upp again and became pretty fat, ****ed upp my back so I could hardly workout but stayed on anyway just feeling like shit. The entire fall was a **** upp and I didnt gain shit even though I was on constatly. For some reason I experimented with ultra high d.bol dosages(25 5mgpills/day)for periods just to se what will happen. I even stated using insulin this soon.

Then after spending 2 years obsessed with juice I FINALY started to read more about diet. So I managed to put togheter a decent diet and got down to 9-10% bf to the summer. Once again I had promised myself to take time off but I was only clean for 6 weeks before jumping on again. But now things that concern me started to show upp.

I was hospitalised once for sever stomach pain(this was probably because of bad batch of vanadyl sulphat), for some reason bruised could appear on my legs and calves. I mean I could sit there and just watch my legs and see the blood vessels burst under my skin. Freakiest shit I had ever experienced and I still dont know what caused it. My heart was constantly skipping beats. Probably becaused I had been on ephedra or clen and t-3(not insane dosage this time luckily)the entire spring.

My knees where destroyed because I had ran winny for 3-4 months straight(cant even rememner how long it was). They still havent fully recovered. The only good thing was that when I was in the hospital they did a full blod and urin test and my kidney and liver was working as it should. Started using dnp this spring since diet wasnt fine tuned enough.

The year following that leading upp to now was pretty good. During the fall I had a good grip on diet and workout and made the best gains of my life. Even better then my first cycle but then some mental issues made my drive go down the drain. Spring started and I was gonna compete this summer and was majorly pumped upp for it.

But everything went to hell. I was sic something like 15 times during the spring and suffered from 2 ulcers so never got lean or anything. Beeing sic so often was probably the results of neglecting fruits, veggies, vitamins and minerals for several years.

Now Im sitting here analyzing the past 4 years thinking about what misstakes I have done. Im damn happy that I havent gotten any serious sides from my “experiments” with myself. Even though I knew most things there is to know about juicing(Im not claiming to be a guru or to be able to debate hooker on roid issued or something like that but I still know/knew my shit damn good)I still did all those stupid things.

Why? Simply because steroids wherent giving me the results I wanted and failing to realise diet was the key that was missing I tried to compensate with higher dosages and more shit. It might work for a while but the results arent worth it. I had no thought about health. As most the thought that I might harm myself never occured(sure I fully realised there was a risk I just didnt think anything would/will happen to me). What this spring made me realise after beeing sic for half a year and repeted ulcers and kidney pain is that I sure as hell aint invincible.

Im not blaming the steroids for anything but everytime something ****s upp deep down in my head Im thinking “god damn have I ****ed myself upp now”. Suddenly I start to think about cholesterol and everything related to general health. Suddenly Im reading everything I can about nutrition. Suddenly I realise that steroids was my crutch not my aid for several years.

Had I when I was 17-19 instead of beeing obsessed with steroids read ALL I can about nutrition and workouts(Im talking everything here, westside, doggcrapp, HIT, German volume, HST. If you dont recognise all those things then you probably arent redy to juice)and only after that started jucing I would have been alot bigger and strong now. Right now It sure doesnt look like I have been juicing close to 3 years almost nonstop.

The sad thing is that I cant even imagine going clean anymore. I can admit that I am ridicilously mentaly addicted to steroids. If you think that CANT happen to you then THINK AGAIN. Workouts clean are never the same again after a cycle trust me on that.

To sum this long as post upp Il write this.
99% of the people thinking they are ready to juice realy are not and YES IM TALKING ABOUT YOU.
99% of the people that wants to do there first cycle doesnt know shit about nutrition and training even though they think they do!!
Diet is far more complex and far more important then steroids.

If you think you are ready to juice then first post your diet in full detail in the diet section and then your workout(and why you do that workout)in the workout section. If we tell you that your diet/workout is pure shit then dont get pissed and read instead.
If you cant motivate why you do a specific workout or follow a specific diet then you are not ready to juice.

Only after we tell you “hell yeah that is one mighty fine and polished muther****ing diet/workout”, ONLY THEN are you ready to stick that needle into your ass.

I havent suffered because of my idiocity. Dont make the same misstakes as I did because you might not be as lucky!"

good post.

it just goes to show how you need to have a certain level of emotional and mental maturity as well to deal with the effects of steroids. definately not for 17yr olds.

Nice post man.

Good post - my buddy’s topping 22 stone and has been on and off juice for 5-6 yrs. He looked nowhere near as good as when he was a leaner 19 and he has a big gut which he now realises has got out of hand - and his knees are now starting to give him grief