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For the young lady at the gnc

Can anyone give me the recipe for an eca stack. I ran into a young lady at the gnc that needed diet pills and recommended she visit this site and do a search under eca stack. But I cant find it so I dont think she will. I know that t-mag published an article way back when but I cant find it now.

Thanks for your help.

okay I found what I was looking for
The name of the article is

Jack Yo Ass Up! Testosterone’s guide
to pre-workout stimulants.

Most studies utilized a 10:1 e:c ratio. Since most ephedrine tablets are 25 mg, you would want appx 250 mg of caff. However, the supps like vivarin are 200 mg, which most people agree is close enough. Usually either half a reg. aspr. or one 81mg (cardio) aspr is added. Dan Duchaine used to rec. grapefruit with this combo because the naringen (not sure of spelling) prolonged the effect of the other supps. This concoction is typically used 2-3 times/day, with the last dose no later than about 4-5 pm b/c it may cause diff. sleeping. Do not take more than 150mg eph/day

As always, this should not be used by anyone with heart problems, thyroid disease, pysch. prob, or taking meds like MAOI’s etc. Read the labels for more warn. Aspr is not to be used if there is a history of ulcers, or bleeding conditions.
In addition, be sure to drink plenty of water, as the caff will have a diuretic effect. In addition be sure to consume plenty of potassium, calcium and magnesium, as these nutrients are also excreted at higher rates.

I would suggest reading some articles on this site about HOT ROX or Red Bands, as they are the next generation fat loss supps, that are less stimulatory and therefore should have fewer adverse side effects. In addition there are a lot of great nutrition articles that could help with the weight (fat) loss program.