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For 'The Wire' Lovers...


Good shit. David Simon speaking at a college about The Wire, the characters, how it was based on Greek mythology, etc. etc.



Great find..thanks!


I'm listening to it now... it's absolutely incredible.


good find


Thanks Irish.

This show still hasn't recieved the credit it deserves.

"All the pieces matter....."


I think if the show did receive the credit it deserved, most of us into it would be much less interested due to mass appeal. Considering you actually need an attention span to follow it, it seems to be respected by the audience it reached.


I watched the first two episodes, realized I had no idea what was going on, and couldn't follow any of the conversations, so I decided to try it again another day.

Shit's like homework.


One of the Best shows on TV... no just one of the Best have not seen to many movies that matched the drama of that show.


Honestly, I remember watching the first episode for the first time and not knowing what the hell was going on. I couldn't figure out the hierarchy of the police department or Barksdale's crew. I kept watching and things started clicking. Then I had to re-watch to see what I missed. It's such a thorough show and every character has a role to fill.

I really loved this show and could talk about it all day long. It has such amazing characters. I also love that I can never decide which season I love best. I like them all for different reasons.


When the wired was on HBO i only cought pieces. Went back about a year ago and watch the entire series in the course of about 2 days. AMAZING show.


I agree. I also like how you can see the characters grow and change so much. A perfect example is Bodie. In the beginning, I thought he was just some kind of punk kid but as the series goes on, he gets older and wiser and you kind of grow to respect him- right down to his last stand on the corner.

I love how patient the show is too. They slip in the slight hint of one thing or character and then it doesn't come to fruition until a few episodes, or even whole seasons, later.


I'll give it another go then.

It's just that I distinctly remember listening to a conversation, clearly understanding all of the words, and still having no idea what was just said.

Drove me crazy.


Are you from America? They speak like people really speak in our largest cities (inner city)...which is amazing considering how many of the main cast aren't even from here and have thick accents in real life.


It was arguably the best series that HBO did, even surpassed the over-dramatized Sopranos. I turned my son onto it in season 4 and he turned his buddies at college onto it. It still might be available on HBO on Demand if you're a subscriber.



Band of brothers. Enough said.


His view on Journalism, makes season 5 even better. Interesting how he chose his characters to mirror greek mythology. Says alot about people and societies still being the same since those characters really do exists in most urban communities.


The Wire is one of my fav shows...I didn't care for the parts where they were focusing on the newspaper reporters. Those scenes were pretty boring, I do like the Mayor David Carcetti...He has that simpsons Mayor voice. Remember that lady that was helping him get elected? She was crazy sexy...

love the show....

  • Adam


Oh and Omar was my all time fav character....He was robbing drug dealers and had them all scared! Snoop and Chris were cool too...Snoop was an awesome character. I really wanted the show to keep going and have Michael as the new kingpin.


I always figured Michael became the new Omar.


Band of Brothers + The Wire = Generation Kill

Brilliant mini-series. Highly recommended.