? For The Volume Guys

I’m a “shut up and go to the gym” guy but for my own edification: are there particular relative volume ratios per bodypart that could be considered rough norms / advisible targets when using a program like GVT or something similar?

I ask because I’ve heard numerous times that good relative measures of strength (i.e., good strength levels) might be expressed as:

1.0x body weight military press
1.5x body weight bench press
2.0x body weight squat
2.5x body weight deadlifts

The ratio there is 2:3:4:5 so would it be reasonable to use those lifts as the base of a volume program shooting for total volumes (reps x weight) per workout of, for example:

1.0x total pounds military
1.5x total pounds bench
2.0x total pounds squat
2.5x total pounds deadlift

Just curious.