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For the Supplement-Educated


So i read on Joe Defranco's website something to the tune of "dont start supplements young, or you'll become immune to them when you get older and really need them."

I'm 20, and an avvid lifter. weights atleast 4 days a week. 3 of the 4 days i take Beta-alanine & creatine & BCAAs.. are these things i should be skipping? i mean, am i "too young" to be using these supplements. Never really thought about it before i read that article, now its got me paranoid.. haha to me, it makes sense i suppose, in that my body may rely more on the supplements than actually producing creatine, therefore desensitizing me forcing me to consume for supplements? No idea about beta-A or BCAAs... lookin for a little wisdom from someone who knows their shit.


If I had to guess I would say that he doesn't literally mean that 'you will become immune to them'. He is probably referring to the fact that they may be more usefull to you when you are more advanced in your training and progress is getting harder to come by. They are things that you can add in to bust through plateaus. Now I'm not sure that I agree with this as I think that you will ultimately end up at the same place regardless of when you add them in to the mix (assuming all other factors remain constant).


Without reading where the quote came from, I'm almost positive this is what Joe would've meant. There is no need for a whole stack of advanced supps when one is just starting out.

I can't think of any physiological mechanism that would make someone 'immune' to any of the supplements you listed.