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For the Resident Pot Heads

World’s oldest stash.


LO fu*king L!!! That is so funny. a pound and a half of 2700 year old bud. I knew people have been getting high for thousands of years.


Wonder what that was like, throwing pounds of pot on bonfires.

Thats awesome.

These are some funny comments from another fourm:

Those wankers smoked 11 grams of 2,700 year old ganja!

They should do for this what they were planning to do for the woolly mammoth - bring the strain back and grow lots of it.

Must of been some good *****

He was just holding it for a friend…

Ancient Chinese secret, huh ?

Ahh the Chinese. Truly an advanced civilization.

“You put your weed in there.”

It’s older than Jesus!

“Scientists also tried to germinate 100 of the seeds found in the cache, without success” :frowning:

dude…I wondered where I left that

I feel good about keeping a 2,700 year old tradition alive!

i bet if you smoke some, it makes your eyes chinese…

“the discoverer found the ancient weed under the cushions of an ancient couch next to some half eaten lo mien”

Who said you can’t take it with you!

That guy is going to be PISSED when he comes back in the afterlife and finds out that someone stole his stash

the guy is lucky to be dead, otherwise he would be arrested, and in China that’s not a good thing.

the sad part is he obviously didn’t take it with him to the afterlife EPIC FAIL!

“Confucius says: Hand me the doobie, dude!”


Just another pointless, 2700 year old, drug-related fatality.

what was this article about again?

Poor guy was probably killed for taking an extra puff, it’s puff puff pass!

"also found in tomb… nacho cheese wonton crackers and a copy of “barely legal hunan coeds”

You know there was more than 789 grams before they reported it…

My question is, where is the 2 foot triple perk bong that was buried with it?

marijuana - getting high since 700bc

that aint ***** …just wait till they find what Stashsqwatch has stashed!!!

It should win the cannabis cup

Thats what i wanna be buried with…

I bet it still smells dank as hell haha

“The 789 grams of dried cannabis was buried alongside a light-haired, blue-eyed Caucasian man…”

Now I understand why the Chinese invented paper.

Well, it’s pretty obvious they had weed then, this was part of the “Stoned Age” period of history.

They found hash buried in the backyard of the house Shakespeare retired in a few years back too that dated to when he lived there… the plot thickens…

What’s amazing is that the article said the guy was blonde haired and blue eyed. Amazing discovery after 2700 years.

“if you smoke like I smoke, then you high like everydaayyyyyy.”

Imagine the first person to ever get high. Imagine their amazement. I’d be scared that I would stay like that forever.

Even worse, imagine being the first to shroom.

[quote]Mutu wrote:
Even worse, imagine being the first to shroom. [/quote]


[quote]Drizzt wrote:
“if you smoke like I smoke, then you high like everydaayyyyyy.”[/quote]

“and if yo ass is a busta 213 will regulate…”

Damn that must have been some killer grass, whoooo!