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For the Record


Post anything you want to be on the record about, although you really have no place else to post...

For the record, The Man Above thread is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. I'm enjoying it.

For the record, I laughed out loud when LUEshi referred to going low on hack squats as going "taint to paint."

What do you want to be on record about?


For the record I, in my professional semi-lurker opinion, think the T-Nation forums have gone to shit lately.

For the record, I still love this place.

For the record everyone should read the court jokes in Joke du Jour 2.0.


For the record, I agree with everything Billy Whizz wrote.

For the record, this thread is not showing up in the GAL section. I had to find my own posts in order to locate it. I'm not even sure how Billy Whizz saw it.

For the record, I think Billy Whizz is stalking me.


For the record, I like chick boobs.


For the record, The Man Above Thread is the bomb shizzel, there are some funny Mofo's around here

For the record, firefox smokes IE if only for the built in spell check

For the record, I also think a general fitness sub-forum would help the current issues

For the record, all you smart & huge/strong bastards out there, and you know who are, thanks


For the record, I'm hungry. (But, I'm not "imhungry"-- that's someone else).


For the record...I have not even peeked at the Man Above Thread and now you have me interesting so I'm going to have to go catch up. This may take a while.

For the record...I'm pretty new here and I'm enjoying myself

For the record...it is kind of annoying when I post a real training/nutrition question I hardly get any responses but over on SAMA I can post stupid shit and get a ton of replies. I know you guys know about more than just T&A! :slightly_smiling:

For the record...I still love ya! :wink:


For the record, imhungry and I'm hungry.

For the record, i'm eating.


For the record, Safari is better then IE and Mozilla cause Mac is superior in many ways.

For the record, I do train regularly these days cause I can afford it.

For the record, DeFranco's Gym is awesome.

For the record, if you floss yourself with a towel in the locker room, please hang yourself. Speaking of hanging, David Carradine for the record
was awesome. Fuck you if you hate Kill Bill.

For the record, I am Swiss... NOT sweedish. Please get your geography right, you know who you are.


For the record... I too think this place has gone to shit lately. But despite this I still don't want to leave and it's still my favourite hangout on the net.

For the record... I don't care if the ''hardcore'' people here think I'm a pussy for missing workouts or not being able to finish one(like today. I know when something is seriously wrong with my body(for example, I still feel like I'm about to drop dead, just like I did after my first exercise today).

For the record... The Wrestler is an awesome movie(I'm watching it now)


For the record, Squat Rack Curls is possibly the most awesome thread in existence. I wander over to it almost everytime I'm bored on the net


For the record I firmly believe Heather Graham should be in more movies because she was down right adorable in the Hangover.


For the record, Sylarmst appears to have some tats peeking out from under her top and I wonder what they are.
For the record, if this has been answered, I missed it.


For the record all you guys my avatar is not a pic of me it's some Trolls picture ok ffs

For the record I'm Mexican and oh do I enjoy eating tacos

For the record this place may go through some shit but I'm here through thick and thin cause I know who's full of bullshit and who's not:D

For the record there's a lot of cool people on here I wouldn't mind training with

For the record the T-Vixen thread is one of the best threads ever !! holla debra:D


For the record, I read the thread this took place in, and at first I was like: "lulz great avatar", but now every time I see it, for that initial moment I'm like: "Fucking strangle that avatar"

And I like Taco's too


for the record, i agree


For the record, she's been in a good amount of movies lately, but they've been mainly straight-to-DVD. For every movie like The Hangover she's in, she then does two straight-to-DVD pieces of shit like Baby on Board and Miss Conception. :slightly_smiling:


For the record, my new haircut is amazing LOOLLL


For the record:

Holymac won't ever set off the lunk alarm (MMF might actually set if off)

Imhungry has the best avatars

my avatar is boobs


For the record...the tats on my chest are stars (1 on each side), and I don't think that's ever been answered.

I also have stars all the way up my forearm.