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For the 'Raise Taxes on the Rich', OWS Crowd


check out this video from a CEO jumping into the OWS crowd and making them speechless.


75 percent marginal tax on any income over 2 million how about that, capital gains or wages. You think he'd drop out of the economy and try not to earn to that level? Which seems to be the backside of his argument. People pick weird economic policy heroes.

Perhaps we should run the 9 9 9 and the free enterprise zones pushed by Cain?(This is the plan endorsed by your man here) They seem pretty strong. Certainly seems like a fair plan. I do like the part about the free enterprise zones in the inner cities it has a little je nais se quoi.


Wow, he came off looking like a huge dick.


I thought he came across very straight forward. Just telling it like it is. For some reason people dont realize how taxing is done with the current system - aside from the fact that our current system isnt the most efficient.


Under the circumstances of confronting ignorant fools that are demanding his money be forcibly taken from him under threat of violence, I'd say he handled himself well.


Really? I felt he was very intelligent and well informed vs the slogan slinging flea partiers, when he was able to get a word in. Is that what it means to be a 99% shout down those who don't agree with you?


Yeah, he only had to say 'let me ask you a question' to the old twat shouting in his face five times before he got to ask his question, which she avoided answering...yeah, what a dick!


Of course, when you outnumber the enemy 100 to 1 you dont have to make sense.


they sound really ignorant.

edit: I just realized that was Peter Schiff. That's someone they should want on their side.


He nailed them....
This is been my whole problem the whole time. They are whining and complaining, but then when you ask them what they want, they don't know. What the fuck? If you don't know what you want, then quit fucking whining.


This is exactly what I have been thinking as well......just saying we want stuff over and over....does not magically give you STUFF.


It's really not even about getting stuff, it's about how unfair it is for others to have more stuff. And if they can't have it, they want to take it away from others.


How the fuck does this guy sound like a dick? Some people just think rich people are dicks for being rich.

They are trying to rob him, who's a dick?

The top 1% pays something like 40% of the entire tax burden, who is being selfish?

Nothing he said is wrong. He positioned himself to manage and move money, ahem, and does well enough to staff employees. How does he owe any of that to some jelly joe blows on the street?

If people want to be rich, they can position themselves to be so. Nothing in this country stops them.

I love the videos where the "devil" himself shows up to debate. They are always hilarious, leaving protesters sputtering a bunch of emotional bullshit that doesn't make sense after two probing questions.


One of the biggest points he made, before the conversation quickly moved on;

Are the OWS folks REALLY upset that wall street/banks got bailed out? Or, are they REALLY upset that they aren't getting bailed out, too?

It seems to me he introduced something none of them had considered...no one should've been/should be bailed out. That the hated entities should've failed, and that those folks should've lost their jobs.


Or they spit out bumper sticker slogans. I like how someone shouted "End the Bush tax cuts" That's fine but those tax cuts effected everyone so people who actually work will see a decrease in their pay across the board; yeah I would love to see how well that would work for them when more of me are getting paid less.


The cuts also increased the revenue.

The people also couldn't give a number for what his rate should be.


Yeah, definitely on his side.


He took a camera crew into a crowd of angry protesters with a sign that says, "I am the 1%" and picked a fight. Sorry guys, I'm calling it like I see it.


No shit. He's a true capitalist.

What the protesters don't realize is that they are asking for a bail out for the masses. It's ridiculous.

It's greed. Plain and simple. Something for nothing, nevermind the hypocrisy behind the argument.


Alright, what do you think of people who go to NY with signs that say "we are the 99%", with cameras and all.