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For the Over-60 Crowd: Split vs Full-Body?

For those of you over 60 which do you prefer a full body routine and why.

I do full body twice a week because it fits best with my busy lifestyle and schedule. However, I when I have done splits (one main lift a day) I feel as if I recover better.

I think recovery, rather than age, is the deciding factor.


I recover better from splits. If I train full body I usually scale back on every exercise. I do full body for a few months if things get busy or I want a change. I just cut back on the weights used.

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I’m a little older (66) then I used to be. That means I need more recovery time between workouts. When I was younger I tried all the various types of routines (6 days a week and then twice a days) and now at this stage of my life, I do full body workouts twice a week. I stay with the basics and I feel great. Just bought Dr Ellington Darden’s new book, Men’s Health, Killing Fat. I think this will be perfect for a guy like me.