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For the Muay Thai/Kick Boxers Out There


There is a kick I have always thought would be very useful if I really needed to injure someone badly or defend my life. But I have never seen it used, or drilled in K.Boxing/M.Thai. My knowledge is limited in this area as I am a boxer, so I'm curious as to what the reason is.

The kick is a stomp at an outward angle right on the knee joint or maybe an inch above. Just imagine crushing right through the knee. If I was to kick someone hard like that, I can't imagine the leg being in one piece afterwards. It's the same concept as a knee bar, just that it snaps. There is no holding it.

The obvious reason I can think of is that if they used it in competition, it could possibly end fighters' careers, which is why they don't use it. But is it in the rules? Is that one of the things your are not allowed to do?

If it is indeed not allowed, then how come it is not drilled with people who do martial arts for self defense purposes instead of competing. It requires little to no skill, and one kick from a small lady like that can seriously injure a much bigger man. Even if she doesn't snap his leg, she will hurt him enough to run to safety.

I'm just curious. I have always thought about this. My natural instinct would be to do this, instead of any other kick. Because one stomp can end it for the guy.


Brandon Vera did that to jardine at one of the UFC matches which I didn't like.

Self-defense? Sure, go break some knees.


It won't really work if the knee is bent. A stomp requires more room and time to perform.
In any case a low side kick to the side of the knee is much quicker and effective and works in all scenarios.
Works even if the knee is bent.


Side kick-style/stomping strikes to the actual knee joint are not allowed in most kickboxing/muay thai organizations....for obvious reasons. In my style,we carefully drill teep kicks to the opponents lower thigh,but never to actually take out the knee joint.


I think the testicles would be the best area to attack if you were being pursued by a man and were a woman. I think it would be a lot harder to kick someone in the knee cap and causing hyperextension, IMO. But it is doable as well if you have a strong forward kick and have the balance for it. Maybe, that is why they don't teach it? To hard?


Think I saw it in UFC a couple of times, commentators said it puts great tork on the knee. However the guy on the recieving end got about a milion through 3 or 5 rounds and his knee was fine so I'm not sure

x2 on the groinkick


I don't think you're allowed to kick the knee in mma but rather the thigh.


Well why doesnt every single punch you throw in boxing landing on a guys chin?

Same rational, the knee is a very small relative target that is almost always in motion. also its usually bent. Throw in the fact all MT guys got it drilled in their heads to check all kicks its one of those things you don't bother doing.

You could catch somebody in theory, but in application its very unlikely.


The guy I learned to strike from ALWAYS used that kick, and taught it to me. What he emphasized was that the person will naturally bring their leg back to avoid the kick, leaving them with their legs together and VERY off balance.

At that moment, come in with a straight left and you'll KO the fucker.

I liked it, although I always forget about it.

And by the way- groin kicks are overrated. Every guy knows their coming, and protects their balls accordingly. Not to mention, there are people out there that can take a shot to the balls and keep coming at you.


Yeah I figured that it would be illegal in Muay Thai/Kick boxing competitions. I just wanted to know for sure. Thanks.

While it might be hard to land it standing apart, I would imagine it would be lethal from the clinch position when the two fighters are tied up. When he throws a knees, stomp on the knee of the grounded leg and snap that baby. lol

As for groin kicks, Irish is right. I know quite a few girls who have taken Rape Defense classes and they are all told that while the groin is a sensitive area and if you connect it will work, the likely hood of connecting is very less. I believe shins and eye gouging is what they recommend women to do.


It's good to hear that they're getting away from teaching women that kicks to the balls are the way to safety.

Shins and eyes hurt like motherfuckers. Always amazing to me that people ignore the shins so much....


The martial art I study ( Bando ) also uses many types of stomps.


I agree. In the military we are always wearing boots...in crowd control situations I've thrown more than my share of little kicks to the shin...which make the target double over and it appears like he is attacking me...which then allows me to whip the shit out of him with my baton or M4..as the case may be. Dont think you're going to spit in my face and walk away..


I have shins of steel!...lol.


There is this kick in Karate Do, which starts out like a regular Yoko Geri or Mai Geri up until the bend knee point and then it becomes a Diagonal Downwards Yoko Geri, right to the knee cap.
It's forbidden on all competitions but actively trained on a daily basis.
That's enough to disable somebody.



That's fuckin smart man.


In Muay Thai some organisations specifically ban it, a lot don't but in Thailand, doing something that is likely to end someone's career is really frowned upon. These kids are literally fighting to support their families so their is a mutual respect about using this type of move.

In MMA the move is not specifically banned by the unified rules. If you look at old school Royce type entries for the takedown he uses a stomping side kick to control the distance.


Never been a fan of stomps for the street. Basically it's already been said but in my understanding, not saying experience, merely understanding, it's best to think heaven/earth combos. Shin - throat - groin - eyes, go for pain, go for destruction, and when the cops question you, say you were in fear for your life.

I also recommend steel toed boots, they are very helpful.


I've used em on multiple occasions back when I was younger. Totally unnecessary ones I'm hesitant to admit. It doesn't really work in an mma fight and doesn't really work in true self defense. It works in offense or "oh shit I didn't know we were takin' it this far".

Most memorable (and descriptive of what I'm talking about) was when I was talkin to my friend (boxer with 30 pounds on me and I was untrained at the time). I accidentally spit a lil when I'm talkin to him and it hits him in the face.

He goes crazy and starts throwin combos of hooks at my ribs. I don't wanna deal with it and we're in school so I don't wanna start a big fight so I step off at an angle (forward and to the left)and stomp his right knee from the outside downwards.

It stopped him, but when one of your best friends is limping for a couple days you feel like a read asshole.

If you really felt the need you would best apply it in this situation. You're in that pushing/shoving/shit talking phase and when you realize you're not getting away without a fight, step off and stomp very quickly. That said now that I've done some training I realize there's a lot more effective techniques for that situation.