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For The MMA Guys



so what discipline would best help me be as badass as these beasts?


Wow! Anyone else catch the spinning backhand that dude threw in the beginning?


only the deadly art of TaekwonDo

When performed correctly

none can defend

wax on...whacks off


Ah, but you forget the ancient style of Tae Kwan Leep and its deadly "Boot to the Head."


Oh come on guys, they are god damn endurance athletes. Go ride a bike for 15 miles and then get in a fist fight, let me know how that works out for ya.

(For the people who don't understand the difficult concept of sarcasm, I was kidding...sort of.)


i didn't see any kicks, so i would not say TKD, that looks more like wing chun.


Looks more like the art of Random Flailing with aspects of 5th grade playground fighting techniques.


They had quick release cleats on the toes of their shoes thats part of why they are having such difficlties.

This clip was better. http://www.floppytaco.com/video_clips/alligator.php


That kid losin his arm is nuts. I wonder how many gators he fucked with before he had "problems"?


I'll second Wing Chun!

"Wing Chun works, really!"

I had a girlfriend who weighed 100# and was convinced that her Wing Chun could take my BJJ/Muay Thai.


bjj/ muay thai hands down


So you showed her the error of her ways, right?


Yea beat the fuck out of her :-p


Obviously not the same girl who heel-hooked your ass twice in one day.


She obviously didn't do wing chun