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For the Love of Surge Recovery


Speed deadlifts = Death

Shortly after powering through 4 sets of 8 Speed Deads with 80kg's 40 sec rest then 2 sets of suit case barbell deads 30kg's...(stand to side of barbell and pick up like suit case with one arm)

Felt greeeeeat.....until the floor started rockin and rolling like a navy boat crossing the equator and here I was, one of their initiation victims dosed with Rhohipnol..

So I decide easiest thing to do to overcome this was Obvious....

Speeed DB presses, cause that?s lying down so EASY ...Riiiiiight!!!

20kg each hand bang out 12 reps fast..40sec rest

Cool, that was awesome, till I sit up then everyone's faces in gym twisted and turned like that scene out of Natural Born Killers when Woody Harelson got bit by the snake after taking the peyote..damn heart rate pumpin faster than the thighs of Mari Winsor.

Mmmm.. Well may as well smash out set 2.. Made 9 reps..not much improvement on the first except now seem to have people edging away from me.. Prob cause I'm sweating like I've got malaria and talking to my shoes..

3rd set .. 8 reps now left side of my face has gone numb.. And my arms feel like Mr. Fantastic.. Not sure if I actually let go of the dumbbells or if I had stroke or fell asleep holding them near my feet, there is now a long drool line going from my mouth to the floor , looks like a shiny slippery dip...

4th set.. Cool second wind.. Pity its one of howling raging Aussie Victorian 47 degree summer Winds that has liquefied my lungs and poured them out of my sweat glands onto the floor.. That or I just pissed myself.. Mmmm warm happiness!!!!

Someone is talking to me at this stage.. Hard to focus ..sounds like "rocky Rocky ROCKY" .. but echoey and I feel like when Ewan McGregor went for a swim in toilet in Trainspotting...

Suddenly woke up outside gym in blaring sun trying to negotiate an escalator which I realised I was trying to crawl up the down..but ended up sliding into a fetal position and reaching for my gym bag.

Then my hand clasped around my shaker... unsteadily at first I manage to move my arm towards what feels like my face... then after a few sips..

BANG!!! Biotest SURGE Recovery!!!! ..

Focus returns like a laser..heart kicks up a gear blood starts pumping to extremities, warm feeling, pain free.. Farkin rock on... Till next time..Farkin love the Speed Deads!!! BUT FARKIN LOVE THE SURGE....

Have Fun
The Davis.