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For the Love of God NO!!!!!


One part of an answer to the "western culture" question above is that symptoms have an immediacy that the underlying illnesses do not. It is unacceptable to let fat children die in car accidents while attempting some sort of health education reform for the nation. Therefore, larger seats must be made.

Human beings have the gifts of foresight and hindsight to a degree, but we don't always apply them rationally. In a way, we apply them too rationally. As an example, if any given day I choose to eat a 1200 calorie donut, rationally, there is going to be little disadvantage to me. One donut, even a calorically massive one, is really not going to change my level of health in any lasting way. On the other hand, it will provide immediate pleasure. It is only when looking at a pattern of behavior, or looking at the long term consequences of continued indulgence, that it becomes clear that I must regulate my behavior.

Of course, true rationality would require that we use our reason in accordance with the nature of the thing, and we ought to know that single behaviors become habits, which imply long-term effects.

Further, to heal diseases and not symptoms, we must have an idea of what the disease might be and what we might do to treat it; we must also know what constitutes a cure. If a disease is hidden from us (asymptomatic), it will take quite a long time before we are able to identify it and treat it. We rely on being able to identify something as the proximate cause of something else; it is very difficult for science to advance when one cannot establish causation or at least correlation.


I'm scared...


Of course. They make the fatties feel bad about themselves.

Most people miss the old days when baseball players were in worse shape than the average population.


THe pouches are probably sold in packs of 10. Most likely, the pouches are NOT labeled for individual sale. Thus the nutrition facts info is for the whole pack of 10, not each pouch - even though the facts were listed on each individual pouch.

And all "all natural" kids drinks are basically just high fructose corn syrup and flavoring. Like sugar isn't bad enough, they have to use the absolute worst sugar b/c HFCS is the cheapest.


You guys don't get it. They are merely bulking.

Imagine how awesome they will look when they cut.


I simply can't see how the poor fat children will survive without car seats that appropriately fit their fat asses. I sure hope the estrogen-laden public, including soccer moms everywhere, will rally behind this critical issue.
The next agenda issue simply must be proper sized bicycle (and tricycle) helmets for fat kids. I also believe children, and especially fat children, should have to wear special elbow and knee pads to protect them in case of falls. Go moms.


Hey, they're getting fat in India too!

Soon, those little sliding floor escalators they have at the airport will be in shopping stores, malls, and people's houses.


It is the year 2035 and Peter Tonofass is awaiting the operation that will allow him to fit in with the rest of society...lipo-placement. Before today, he was ridiculed for being able to see his own penis when standing up. No longer will he be outcast for being so slim.


New scientific study:


Hahahaha - That's excellent.


I'd go on a hunger strike to make a point about fatness in North America, but then, I'd lose LBM, so these fat little monsters won't be saved by me.


I'm calling bullshit on this article, it's clearly fake!

With the frequency of thunder, there is noway fat people are exercising that much!

Come on Prof. X, I thought you were intelligent.

Now the comment about farting from Mexican food causing lightning...possible.

From article:
"During the 15-year study, Salandry's team closely monitored 10 different groups of men and women, each of whom were at least 100 pounds overweight, and some of whom were as much as 300 pounds overweight. Each time any one of the groups began a five minute session of jumping jacks, thunder followed within 30 seconds."


I guess its nature's way to control the population.

You're obese? That's okay, you'll be dead soon.


I disagree. It is quite possible that millions of fat people absent mindedly stick the big box of cookies on the top shelf subsequently leading to much jumping in order to reach them 6-10 times a day. Clearly, you do not understand the power of Nabisco.


Bring back John Kruk, I say!


Dude, you're kidding, right? Of course it's a joke... it's the Weekly World News! They make the Enquirer seem like the WSJ.


True. I guess I'm living in an ideal world where all shelves will be within arms reach (without stretching I hope) while still seated in their motorized cart. sigh I guess the plight of the obese has not moved forward as much as we would all like. Excuse me while I go buy someone a box of cookies.


I also must take issue with this comment. Must we really call them "soccer moms"? What about all the poor fat kids that, because of their disorder, cannot participate in sports... don't their moms count too? How about we all become a little more sensetive and refer to them as soccer/X-box moms, its a little more inclusive.


The Weekly World News has the 8th highest circulation in the world, I'll have you know.



What about the dads? Why is it always the mom's responsibility? Typically in a normal fat family the dad is the fattest. Who is setting the bad example there? Sure typically the mom is in more control over what the kid eats, but it's not just food it's the attitude that goes along with it.

I really wouldn't have a problem with places like McDonald's being required by the law to turn away overly obese people from eating there just like bars have to turn away obviously drunk people. Sure the ACLU would be all over it, but why is it everytime we see pictures of fat kids they are eating at McDonald's?