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? for the ladies

Someone brought up licking women’s assholes on the Steroid Forum and I wanted to see what the local T-vixens thought about having theirs licked or licking their man’s. In my experience most women enjoy it and I know I love it when it is done to me. Some women think it is gross, but if you can get them past that, they will dig it. I know some guys on the Steroid Forum are into it. Any other guys here like to do it or have it done??

Man the idea of licking some women’s asshole is gross to me. I don’t know how I could ever bring myself to do that unless she was pornstar hot, completely hairless, and had just taken a super long shower where she washed her ass really good. It’s where the shit comes out man, how can you bring yourself to do that? I’d be afraid of tasting shit or even smelling remenants of it.

The Crisp Breath Asshole Eater enjoys it.

Obviously cleanliness is really important here. I’ve done it and found that some women like it and some aren’t into it. Kinda funny how that works. Just like a lot of things individuals tastes or level of sexual adventure do vary. If you find a girl that digs it then go for it, if not I guess you should skip it.

You’d be surprised how many women actually like this.

Do what pleases ya. (Legally, of course)
I do! :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations on bringing this site to another new low!

britney spears is the only ass id lick!

the last time i puked was from eating a girl out from behind, my nose was right in her asshole and even when i pulled away my eyes were tearing and i couldn’t get the smell off my nose, so i started throwing up

lumberjak, I’m sure she was very flattered.

lovely story lumberjak

and sorry for the laughs at your expense!

Ahh, licking the brown star. I’ve got my “Brown Wings”, or whatever.

I think I'm weird because I rather enjoy doing it. Like, I'd probably do it everyday if my girlfriend wanted me to. Getting a rim-job, on the other hand, is still "different" to me. Although it is better than letting my girlfriend stick her finger in my ass, which she enjoys doing for some reason.

Fun stuff...

Dustin (who also has his "Red Wings" too)


Licking a girl when shes ‘on’ now that’s gross.

The only problem I find with rimming a girl is when initiating it with a virgin rimmee. How do you know if they’ve douched their hole?

Well I wouldn’t risk it so I get em to wash which can be a problem because you have to ask them to give it a thorough clean (and even to evacuate their bowels). They might object at this stage due to the kneejerk eurrghh factor that women seem to suffer from but if you just do it they invariably like it.

But then you’re playing fudgey face roulette. Its a tightrope…

Two words. Baby wipes.

Just don’t kiss her afterwards.

Guys, if you are down there and it stinks, why would you eat it? Clearly it isn’t clean. If it doesn’t stink then it’s clean. No need to ask her to clean it or wipe it off.

i have heard that women like to stick their fingers in guys asses? y y y y y ?they like chunky peanut butter on their fingers?

I’ve seen this question on about 3 other boards in the last week. Whasupwitdat.

mdog, some girls will do this without asking. Very bad manners. Just like you, though, I am very confused as to why they would like this or assume we would. Straight guys, on average, don’t go about sticking things in their ass, so they most likely aren’t ready for a finger. Plus, you should always get anal clearance from either side, as you never know what condition that cavity is in.

“? for the ladies”

Not a single lady has posted on this thread yet! What is going on here?