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For the Guys on Tren, Scale Weight Not Moving

Im the same. I need ridiculously high carbs to function. And “low carbs” like 200g a day literally whipes me out.


Of course not :smiley:

In my experience I can always get the scale to move but I am also probably significantly fluffier than OP. If you are legit getting to single digit body fat I would just compete in the heavier weight class. Biggest total and it would be safer too.

EDIT: going for record so weight class is mandatory…unless you have a shot at the next weight class’ record??? 24 hour weigh in?

Also love Superdrol for exactly what you are doing. Strength with no weight gain late in prep. SD also usually crushes my appetite so that could help you keep the weight down.

People have. In other forums you can read that some usually young person wants to use tren by itself and then everybody else comes in and says it is a terrible idea. Oh wait, I have done it sort of. I dropped test a couple times late in a BBing cuts to get extra dry. It honestly didnt work. My body loves test. Also when I dropped test my strength just plummeted.

Libido probably crashed too but when you get that deep into something who cares LOL

Do you have 24 hour weigh ins? When I used to fight at 185 I’d be walking around at 200lbs before water cut.

Some senna to shit your brains out, then 4-5 hours in the dry sauna 30/10min rotation prior to weigh ins.

It’s 24 hour yes

It’s 24 hour yes so that is good

Have you talked to flipcollar? He can probably give some really good advice for competition prep regarding strength sports

As I said he’s broken records and I think he is in the same weight class as you (81kg)

Oh well that’s good, you can easily drop 10lbs of water prior to weigh ins