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For the Guys on Tren, Scale Weight Not Moving

So I am in the process of cutting down some weight, and really getting serious with the diet in order to make weight for my meet in Feb.

Now, I have heard many people say that on Tren, the scale sometimes will just not move, even though you re losing fat. Well, the recomping benefits are great for me, but if the scale dosent move, it makes it difficult to know for sure whether I will make weight in time and it makes going into the meet blind.

Any advice to approach this if the scale does not move? I mean, I know myself when I am losing fat, Tren has made my waist tight as fuck, a little more and we will be paper skin.

But I still need the scale to move so I have some idea of how its going.

I’d love to see a pic of you. Very curious what effect Tren has. You look great in your profile pic and I’m sure this far out from your meet you may not be wanting post a pic but I’d love to see one if you are.

That pic is when I was natty.

Sure, when I am a week out from the meet, I will post a pic. Curious myself. Compared to most powerlifters, I will be overly lean for my weight class.

But the problem is, I have heard so many people use tren and the scale DOES NOT MOVE. Which makes it difficult to gauge progress and time course. Sure, I could be losing fat during the next 10 weeks, but if the scale dosent move, I cant make my weight class.

Or is this just tren (and superdrol) causing increased glycogen retention? Thus maintaining scale weight. Even though most of the time, I feel flat as fuck. If that is the case, then a hardcore water cut a few weeks out should fix that?

If you’re dropping bf% but the scale isn’t moving then you’re improving within relation to overall muscular mass/body composition. Who cares if the scale doesn’t budge, so long as you’re gaining lean mass (which isn’t a priority in powerlifting anyway)… then be happy

What’s the water cut for? Don’t fuck with dieurerics, the consequences far outweigh the benefits. Aside from dehydration induced electrolyte imbalance inducing the potential for lethal arrhythmia you’re looking at serious long term renal impairment when combined with tren/sdrol (a combo which alone, doses high enough will probably require you to have a kidney transplant later on in life)

Size wise, how do you look compared to natty status? Are you far larger, or merely far leaner/grainer.

Regardless I wouldn’t beat yourself up over the prospect of not gaining significantly, the training ideologies/styles of bodybuilders vs power lifters differ quite a bit

As the saying goes… if you want to be a bodybuilder, train like a bodybuilder and vice versa. There’s a reason specific training styles are attributed towards differing goals. Imagine training like a distance runner in preparation for you’re meet… doesn’t make sense does it, and you would have an entirely different look (though tren and distance running noooooooooo… some runners use nandrolone, understandably in low dosages presumably for acute benefits in relation to joint/tendon health) as distance running is a great way to fuck up you’re knees.

How much do you weigh now, and what’s you’re target weight? On sdrol you can probably attribute 2-3 kg to glycogen (dependent on dose… if you’re on something stupid like 60mg/day… which… don’t… if it impedes you’re ability to train it isn’t worth it.) then perhaps even 6-7 kg could be glycogen

As to water cutting, perhaps you’d want to ask @flipcollar what he does prior to meets, he always makes his weight, then carbs up just before and puts on like 10-15 lbs back on in an hour lol. Watch out for high blood pressure whilst cutting water, acutely, even briefly a hypertensive crisis can kill you.

You say the meet is in February, so you’ve got THREE months to dial things in, I wouldn’t fret about it unless you’re like… 120kg or something stupidly heavy like that, in which case I’d say look for another weight class lol

Have you tried an oral more associated with strength gain? Whilst toxic, halotestin appears to be king. Fluoxymesterone is more androgenic than tren, and it’ll potentially screw with you’re mood even more so than tren. For short durations though (say a few days) it might be interesting to try (not recommending it though, just saying some people acutely put on mad amounts of acute strength after only a few doses) the CNS stimulation the drug provides is fairly substantial

I am 92kg (but that was measured mid day after meals, half way through training, so stupid time).

The superdrol will last me another few weeks, so curious to see how scale changes once that is out.

Test is at 125mg so not even worried about any water from that.

I was thinking about Halo, the last six weeks. But super was cheaper lol

So you’ve got 20lbs to lose, what’s you’re bf%

If you’re like 12-15 it’s certainly possible to get where you need to be… you have three months, if you wish to do it gradually (I recommend this) it’s only 1kg per week you’re looking at, and that’s a conservative estimate with the glycogen retention

Halo doesn’t need to be run for 6 wks, dosed properly 3 weeks should cut it

It’s expensive though, I’ll give you that, and if you get a fake product that’d suck exponentially

Body fat id say is around 11/12 yeh. Lets just say, I don’t have much fat left on my stomach lmao

Although there is one guy on here doing the same fed next week, and he is weighing 87kg and competing next week in the 82.5kg class. So I guess it can be done lol

So… I wouldn’t recommend cutting down to 5%, after a certain threshold you’ll start losing strength… like I said, talk to flipcollar, with adequate amounts of dehydration (NO dieuretics lol) you should make the cut at like 8%

Hows things in general going? Mood, sexual performance etc

Honestly man, things feeling good. Had to pull back from squats and deadlifts for a week due to a pulled right glute muscle. Oops. but next week back to heavy work. So I have just focused on assistance work this week

I am not too worried about making weight, I drop it fast. Even when I was a natty.

Hopefully the high tren will do its job lol

Good to hear. Be careful though, I assume you’re looking at becoming a professional prospect right? Not just recreational competing otherwise you wouldn’t be using such high doses of tren. Be careful regarding injury, a serious injury will fuck up future prospects and potential sponsorships @weightliftingwithoutlimits

In terms of stomach tightness and strength, high dose masteron should elicit a similar effect… but it’ll lack the level of mass given… and the sides regarding ravenous libido, aggressive thoughts etc may be exactly the same if dosed very high

I’ve injured an area within my ribs deadlifting, I’m not deadlifting heavy for a month now, accessory work should theoretically allow me to maintain development around areas deadlifts otherwise work. It may be more time consuming but it’s better than seriously striking out and requiring a very long break

High tren will only do so much (quite a bit though barring long term detriment) before diet and work ethic are required to continually progress. Strength gains aren’t solely steroid mediated. If they were people like singhbuilder (who is massive because he trains to be massive) would be deadlifting 1000lbs

Powerlifting is a long term thing man. Hoping for a record within the next year, so its serious business for me.

But since I have to cut for this meet, I am not expecting too much tbh. But once I am down to the weight class, it will make it easier to maintain from there.

Will see how my weight changes over the next month.

I have 2 spa days tomorrow and Christmas dinner at christmas. Outside of that, the diet will be tight as fuck. Not too many cheat meals.

Keeping my carbs high because high tren, plus dropping carbs (I cant function without them) makes me into a walking hypoglycemic machine.

K. Don’t use cannabis (idk if that’s a thing you do as you live in the Netherlands) as it’ll jack up you’re appetite, I’ve cheated horrifically before… and almost every time it was because I was stoned (and we are approaching like… 7000 calories here)… TUBS of ice cream have gone missing

I believe you’ll get that record, a gram of tren is a lot, and if you use halo/orals prior to meet (don’t use tren and methyltren… that’s not a good combo) you should crush it if you’re training is on point

Flipcollar doesnt use tren at all, though he doses very high similarly to you and HAS broken world records for his weight class in strongman comps (I believe he’s made weight class on 2.5-5 grams of compounds including aromatising compounds) a lot of bloat and water retention is diet mediated

Anecdote, once had a free house, so I invited my group over, the next day my folks came back… but the kitchen had literally been CLEANED out completely, and there was a looooooottt of food there, we are talking kilograms of steak

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Interesting. The reason why I am dosing my test super low is to try and keep any excess bloat at bay.

Crazy, but has anyone actually tried high tren without ANY testosterone?

You need aromatise for adequate cognitive function, bone/joint health (though the sheer androgenicity/anabolic potential of tren should maintain adequate BMD)… but you’ll be more prone to injury, you’ll probably feel shittier/depressed

If you want you can give it a try, but such extremes may put severe strain on you’re relationship if you become a lethargic drag to hang out with

Estrogen is also anabolic, facilitates strength and muscle fain via direct and indirect mechanisms (too much info to explain now)

haha lethargic drag. True that brother.

125mg seems to be serving me well. It was just a thought I had. Was curious to see if anyone had tried it before. For the purpose of staying dry as possible,

I’m currently a lethargic drag to hang out with because I’m terribly jet lagged

Whilst you won’t get that grainy, dry look on test. Perhaps you would reap better strength gains with lower tren and the implementation of aromatising compounds. It’s all an experiment, you can try post first comp I guess and compare the two, or you can continually do what you’re doing if you believe that works best for you’re body. We are all different

I don’t want to sound like a broken record though, but maintaining a gram of tren weekly you may legitimately be looking at dropping in the next 5-10 years. Cardiac evaluations are pivotal. Even the most veteran of lifters/bodybuilders don’t cruise on that dose @weightliftingwithoutlimits

Some say anadrol is good for strength, I personally didn’t notice much in the way of strength I’d see vs test alone on dbol, but that’s just me

I think @Singhbuilder just ran some tren solo on his last blast but he was also using other compounds if I remember correctly.

there’s a strong ass guy who has a log on here (I’m currently on post 643 of 800-odd) who has used tren. hopefully he can provide some assistance.

@BOTSLAYER, hope you don’t mind. not commented in your log yet but I am trying to catch up to present day.

@zeek1414 Correct yes in the last couple weeks leading up to my last show (which i wasnt able to do unfortunately) i was running Tren and Masteron solo, I felt perfectly fine. I think its sustainable for a few weeks but from what i read eventually you get hit by lethargy and then you need TRT test.