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For the Cat Lovers/Haters


This is funny whether you love them or hate them. Definitely some laugh out loud moments in this one. My favorite is at 3:27.




You mean the big guy just lounging on his back?


No the one where the cat looks at the camera. Gets me every time.


^^ I was eagerly awaiting 6:27 thinking it must be great....it was about the only boring one in that whole great video!

I have dogs and have never felt the desire to ask them wtf they're doing at any time...dogs are easy to figure out.
In that video there must've been about a dozen times that I'd pay $5 just to know what those cats were thinking!



Still, they're disgusting animals that don't belong in a home environment where young children dwell. Any animal that shits in a box, then proceeds to walk anywhere it wants (including countertops) belongs outside.

Besides, reprimand a cat and he will retaliate in sneaky disgusting ways. Dogs are the opposite. They don't hold grudges and 2 minutes after you reprimand them, they still want to be your best bud.



Cats are disgusting for walking in their own shit and then the kitchen counter, but dogs get a pass for eating their shit and then licking your face? Weird.



The right type of cat has a personality similar to a dog - we have one back home that follows you everywhere you go in the house.


Um, no.


Otters are really cute too.


OK break it up you guys, you're fighting like two animals that don't like each other. I can't think of any good examples right now.
Oh wait! Silly me! Like Gnus and Wildebeests! That's it.


Awwww! Did I insult da widdle puddy tat lovers?


Now go clean out that litter box. I'm taking my dogs for a walk.



This old Johnny Bravo promo used to crack me up... especially at 0:15.


with your shit shovel and sanitary baggy.


Enjoy your shit kisses from Fido.



I get pissed when people don't do this at the moment since I don't have a dog. But when I get my next one he's shitting where he wants when we're not in the yard, and I ain't fucking picking it up. You don't want shit on your shoes? Watch where you fucking walk.


See that word? Yep, SANITARY. Enjoy that disease infested litterbox.

  1. My dogs don't eat shit.
  2. I don't let my dogs kiss face.


Not sure what the laws are in NY, Dread, but in NJ it's the law to pick up after your dog.

But somehow the vile cat owners have no problem letting their beloved pets roam our neighborhoods, spraying their foul smelling urine marking (and shit) anywhere they please. No law against that. I guess the wussy NJ lawmakers are a bunch of cat owners. lol


That's one of the actors on Modern Family.