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For the Booooty Lovers

Baby got much back…thong, tha, tha, thong…

Her initials are SW…Ass so nice make you wanna slap your own momma.

Crooz representing the Chocalate City! SW…Lavar Arrington used to hit that shit. I valeted for them a couple years ago while I was in school. Nice ass for for sure, but uuuugly. And Serena isn’t too hot either.

Let’s not bother with the face…focus on the body. Of course she’s too much for many here. Seems we have too many Brad Pitt Fight Club wannabes…not enough massive mofo’s who could handle a posterior chain like that!

You gotta be packin heat to beat that meat!

I’d be all over that

[quote]randman wrote:
I’d be all over that[/quote]

like a purple dinosaur

Very nice.

Okay is someone saying that’s Serena? I didn’t know she had a big tatoo on her back.

By the way, GREAT AZZ!!! Now this is something that deserves an award.

she’s got some fat legs though… there is no way that is serena or venus williams


Fat legs? I’m afraid you are confusing muscle with fat. If fat…where are the dimples? Cottage cheese? She’s ass solid ass it gets.

now this is my kind of booty

[quote]ranmao wrote:
now this is my kind of booty

Not bad…not bad at all…Hell many of those were exquisite! I wouldn’t complain with any of those. They’re just not quite to the roundedness of our champion here. There’s something to be said about knowing where the butt starts and the back ends. Now a days hip huggers and ultra short skirts give the illusion of bootay. There is no doubt our girl up top has problems fitting all of that ass into jeans, skirts…hell even dresses…Why would she when it’s so much better to let the bootay be free!

Long live the bootay!

Now thats what im talkin bout, I love it when I can fit my whole head between their cheeks!

That can’t be Serena! Her father and family would shit. Any way this can be confirmed?

Mighty fine glutes you have there, ma’m…

Does anybody have any real pictures of Serena Williams’ glutes?

my god that is nice.


may God let that link live on forever!